12 Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

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We often don’t think of eating the seeds of fruits, but as it turns out, they are where much of the nutrition comes from, papaya seeds especially. The benefits of papaya seeds aren’t that well known and many people probably just discard the seeds when prepping a papaya for eating.

But it seems papaya seeds are even more nutritious than the fruit itself, and it is a real shame to throw out all those black papaya seeds packed with vitamins that we can use.

The seeds themselves have a slightly bitter taste and a small pit, as well as a film that can be considered slimy by some.

12 Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Can you eat papaya seeds? Most definitely, and you should to gain health benefits. Papaya seeds have many health benefits that can’t be ignored, so remember to save those seeds because papaya seeds are edible.

Benefits of Papaya Seeds

1. High in Proteolytic enzymes

Papaya seeds have high levels of proteolytic enzymes, including papain and carpaine. These enzymes assist the body in getting rid of parasites.

Papain breaks down undigested protein waste that is often found in our food, so there is some thought that it can also break down parasites as well as their eggs.

Carpaine has been shown to be very effective at killing parasites. When travelling abroad, consider eating the papaya seeds to ward off any nasty parasites that might make their way into your system.

2. Liver Detoxification

Only a small amount of papaya seeds is needed every day for this benefit. Any natural help the liver can get to detox is ideal. The liver gets taxed by how we eat and what we drink, especially if processed foods and alcohol are consumed.

3. Antibacterial

Papaya seeds have antibacterial properties that can help in cases of food poisoning and salmonella.

4. Fights against Cancer

Cancer cells seem to benefit from some of the properties found in papaya seeds. Isothiocyanate is the agent found in the seeds that helps cancer cells shrink. It works well for colon, lung, breast, and prostate cancer as well as leukemia.

5. Natural Contraception for Men:

Papaya seeds can reduce sperm production by quite a bit when eaten regularly, making it an effective form of fertility prevention for men if that’s desired. It can serve the purpose of birth control.

Studies have shown that sperm production levels increase once again when papaya seeds are removed from the diet, so it does not have long-term effects.

6. Fights against Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis caused by excessive alcohol consumption over many years, can benefit from papaya seeds because the seeds are effective at removing the toxins from the body.

7. Healthy Substitute for Pepper

Papaya seeds can be used as a substitute for pepper, and a great way to reap the benefits is to continuously add bits of it throughout the day to food. You simply dry the seeds, add them to a pepper grinder, and then use as you would pepper. The taste is slightly bitter and takes some getting used to.

8. May be Beneficial for Kidney

A study at the University of Karachi found that papaya seeds can help with the treatment of kidney disease and preventing renal failure.

9. Non-GMO Papayas are Healthiest

To reap the most health benefits, avoid papayas that are GMO because GMO fruit is sprayed with pesticides. Organic fruit, including papaya, is the healthiest route to go to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals.

10. Potential Benefits for Dengue

Viral infections such as Dengue fever, which is common in parts of Central America, can be helped by the intake of papaya seeds according to some reports. Dengue fever is a serious illness, though not typical in North America.

But if you suffer from it, do not attempt to self-heal with papaya seeds. This is simply another example of the potential power of this little black seed.

11. Relief from Gastrointestinal discomfort

Though beneficial for most, children and pregnant women should not use papaya seeds medicinally, even though they have been shown to provide relief from gastrointestinal discomfort. Discuss with a doctor beforehand.

12. Fights against Viral Infection

Viral infections are weakened when papayas seeds are taken internally. A teaspoon a day should help ease the discomfort from a viral infection.

How to Eat Papaya Seeds

Now we know the answer to the question: are papaya seeds good for you? But it begs the next: how do we eat papaya seeds?

Papaya seeds can be eaten in a number of ways. First, though, rinse the seeds after they have been scooped from the fruit. Dry on a paper towel.

Now you can add them to a smoothie so you don’t experience the taste or texture, add them to a pepper grinder as mentioned above, or simply eat them as is directly from the fruit on a spoon or after washing them.

If the taste is unpleasant, add a bit of honey to ease the bad taste. Honey is also a wonderful addition to any diet for optimal health. Use Manuka honey for the best benefits possible.

Papaya seeds are nutritious blast of goodness that should be added to the diet. Don’t throw them out the next time you buy a papaya. And because there are so many of the seeds, feel free to place in a small container to freeze for later.

To create small portions, fill an ice cube tray with papaya seeds and then place those frozen cubes in a freezer bag so you always have small amounts on hand to add to smoothies, yogurt, or to eat as is.

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