If Bella Hadid Eats High Carbs Everyday, How Does She Manage to Look So Lean?

If Bella Hadid Eats High Carbs Everyday, How Does She Manage to Look So Lean?
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)

Bella Hadid claims that she doesn’t diet, and that she consistently eats high carbs. So, does this mean the Bella Hadid diet has her eating French fries, pizza, and grilled cheese every day? Well, according to the model herself, the answer is yes. The 20-year-old model took to Snapchat this week to prove that she does eat pizza, okay?

In fact, she showed that she eats pizza sans make up and still manage to look flawless. She posed seductively for a friend and took several pictures for her fans. We don’t know whether to feel envious of her lean figure despite her diet, or to love for her for being so damn relatable. Then again, most of us aren’t posing glamorously during, and after, eating pizza. Regardless of her diet, she is looking radiant these days. Let’s look further at her diet and workout regimen.

Bella Hadid Diet and Workout Regimen

Bella Hadid keeps her lean and slim figure through a combination of diet and exercise. She is a big fan of cardio workouts, and enjoys running both outdoors and on the treadmill. She does yoga and Pilates regularly and enjoys strolling through New York City.

Due to the fact that she feels self-conscious in front of a personal trainer, she does not work with one. In fact, Bella is not that strict when it comes to her work outs. She tries to exercise whenever she has time during her busy schedule as a model, but she sticks to a 15-minute cardio workout every day. On top of all these exercises, Bella enjoys horseback riding, and it’s something she has been doing since she was just two years old.

The skinny model insists that her strategy for keeping her figure is to give 100% to her workouts when she does have the time. During these times, she really pushes herself and applies herself to each exercise with dedication. This is one of her secrets.

As mentioned previously, Bella Hadid doesn’t really follow a regimented diet—she eats what she wants. This includes burgers, grilled cheese, pizza, and French fries—she also drinks Diet Coke. She admits that her weight fluctuates often, and knows that this is not considered a healthy diet. Because she says she is not a naturally thin person, she does try to balance these unhealthy food choices with other healthier food choices, like drinking green juices once per week.

She admits that eliminating dairy, wheat, and junk food actually makes her body feel really good, but at this point in her life she is not willing to commit to eating super healthy for long stretches of time.

When preparing for a fashion show or photoshoot, Bella says she opts for veggie soups and avocado toast. These foods combat her nervousness and help her feel confident for the shows.

Bella Hadid took her regular workout and diet regimen to another level when she prepared for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show this year. She trained with Rob Piela (her sister Gigi Hadid also trains with him at Gotham Gym) and describes working out for three hours per day while also eating tons of good protein. This seems to be Bella’s go to when she really needs to prep for a show as big as the VS fashion show. It seems like it’s all about balance for Bella!



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