4 Prevention Tips to Help You Maintain Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure-or hypertension as it is frequently referred to-is a very dangerous disorder. The “silent killer” is an accurate descriptor for this very common medical condition, as it greatly increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and blindness. From a global perspective, high blood pressure is directly attributed to the development of approximately 50% of the cases of heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure is caused by a series of factors, and when combined, can damage your blood vessels and compromise your health.

In my opinion, in the vast majority of cases, hypertension can be prevented by making some lifestyle changes. If you want to know how to lower high blood pressure, then follow these easy high blood pressure remedies.

4 Tips To Lower Blood Pressure

Dietary Changes

There has been a great deal of media hype regarding the role of sodium consumption in our diets, and if lowering sodium intake is one of the high blood pressure remedies. Of course, decreasing sodium is a good idea as most North Americans eat far too much sodium in their diets.

In my opinion, it’s the out of control consumption of refined grains, sugar, and high calorie junk food that causes the most damage.

This type of diet increases blood sugar, insulin secretion, inflammation, and fat deposition. The result is the development of insulin resistance with the sequential rise in blood pressure, and if you want to know how to lower high blood pressure, then reducing your intake of these types of foods is a good way to start.

If your diet consists of foods high in saturated fat like meat and butter or fried foods, you may also be ingesting trans fats. These types of fats can increase blood pressure because they increase the inflammatory response.

One of the best high blood pressure remedies is to substitute this type of diet for one that contains more fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil, and lean protein.

But while dietary changes are one of the most important high blood pressure remedies, there are three other areas you should also consider if you want to know how to lower high blood pressure.


There is a direct relationship between smoking and the elevation of blood pressure. Smoking causes lowered amounts of oxygen in the blood and this increases blood pressure, as does the toxic chemicals contained within the smoke which irritate the sensitive vascular linings of your arteries.

If you want to know how to lower high blood pressure, then quitting smoking is one of the most important high blood pressure remedies.

Smoking also prevents the secretion of an enzyme known as nitric oxide which normally causes relaxation of the smooth muscle walls of your arteries. The only way to do this right is to quit smoking.

Talk to your doctor for more information regarding smoking cessation, but not also is this one of the best high blood pressure remedies, it will help reduce the risk of many other diseases too.

Physical Activity

There is no doubt that regular physical activity lowers blood pressure and controls it rather well. Regular exercise relaxes blood vessels, lowers high levels of insulin and inflammation.

It also increases fat loss and decreases the resting heart rate, and levels of certain hormones which cause increases in blood pressure.

People always want to know how to lower blood pressure, so physical activity is a good way to start, and is another one of the high blood pressure remedies you should try.

I recommend exercising at least 45-60 minutes per day of moderate to intense cardiovascular activity like brisk walking, cycling, or cross-trainer. Combine this with resistance training three to four times per week and you will be well on your way to lowering your high blood pressure.


According to the latest research, only one out of three patients who are receiving drug treatments for hyper tension achieve the desired blood pressure goals.

Certainly, drug therapies designed to lower blood pressure do not manage the stress which is the basis of the problem.

Psychological stress is a big issue in today’s society where anything from competition in the workplace to getting a parking space can be a stressful experience.

Stress accounts for more lost time from work than any other reason and continues to plague our society. Studies have found that levels of impulsiveness, depression, anger, and general stress are greater in people with poorly-controlled blood pressure.

If you want to know how to lower high blood pressure, then trying some stress-reduction techniques should be part of your high blood pressure remedies.

Some effective stress-reduction techniques such as yoga, tai chi, exercise classes, and meditation can all be useful if practiced daily.

Many people automatically turn to medication when they want to know how to lower high blood pressure, but these high blood pressure remedies can be very effective as well-and perhaps even more effective than standard drugs.

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