5 Foods You Must Take With You When Traveling

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Traveling can be stressful enough between packing, expenses, and getting to the airport on time, so why not prevent any added stress about what you’ll eat? When on the road or on an airplane, it is important to provide your body with the correct fuel. You never know what healthy options, if any, will be available at the gas station or airport, so it’s smart to plan ahead.

Instead of grabbing something quick or the first thing you see at a fast food joint, try bringing your own healthy snacks. Not only will this save you money, but it will also save tons of calories and provide the energy you need to get to your destination. While it is important to bring snacks for the journey, make sure to bring some extra for the actual trip.

If you stock your hotel room with good-for-you options, it will allow you to eat healthy food while you’re away from home and always be prepared when hunger strikes.

5 Healthy Foods You Should Pack When You Travel:

1. Nuts

These are the absolute perfect snack any time and any place, especially while traveling. Nuts are loaded with healthy fats, protein, and fiber, and can help prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol. It is quite easy to overeat while out of town, so noshing on nuts can keep you full and prevent unhealthy binges.

This healthy food is also extremely portable and doesn’t require refrigeration, so add this to your travel food list of must-have snacks. Toss a resealable bag of unsalted nuts into your purse or bag for a quick, easy, and sustainable snack while traveling.

2. Protein/Snack Bars

Just to clarify, this does not mean a sugary, calorie-laden bar. There are many protein bars that claim to be healthy and good for you, but if you actually read the labels and ingredients, they are anything but healthy. People commonly think they are doing something good for their body when they eat those types of sugary protein bars, but they are really just eating a candy bar.

Tons of bars are loaded with unhealthy fats and sugar, so it is important to eat a low-sugar, high-protein bar. It should have at least 15 grams of protein and be low in sugar. These are satisfying and will keep you feeling full, which is perfect when traveling.

They are also portable and can be enjoyed anywhere. Another option is more natural bars such as Luna Bars, Larabars, and Cliff Bars. These use natural ingredients such as nuts and fruit, and can provide a wonderful boost of energy, healthy fat, and protein, as well. You definitely don’t want to forget these favorite travel foods for your next trip!

3. Fruits and Vegetables

While traveling, it is vital to eat nutritious, wholesome foods in order to keep up your energy and maintain your waistline. Fruits and vegetables are a great snack for any time of day and can easily be thrown into your bag. Apples, oranges, pears, bananas, carrots, celery—among many others—travel well and can provide you with enough fiber to keep you full and avoid those stops at fast food joints.

Bringing these types of snacks with you is your best bet, but even if you forget, most gas stations, airports, and restaurants offer fruits and vegetables. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables while traveling will provide you with key nutrients that your body needs daily in order to keep you feeling in tip-top shape.

4. Whole Grain Crackers

Carbohydrates are a wonderful snack—however, only if they are whole grain or whole wheat. Eating white, refined carbohydrates can cause your body to store fat, as well as have a major energy crash, which is the last thing you need while traveling.

Enjoying crackers made with 100% whole grains is a smart, healthy snack and can provide fiber to keep you full. Munching on these is the perfect snack for traveling, because these can be tossed into a bag and eaten no matter where you are.

Many crackers also contain grains that are packed with protein, which also provide energy and maintain fullness—so definitely bring this healthy food when you travel.

5. Dry Cereal

Eating whole grain cereal is the perfect healthy snack to bring with you while you are on the go. It can also be tossed into a resealable bag and enjoyed no matter where you are. This will not spoil or go bad, and the fiber can help sustain your hunger.

Whole grains do not cause a spike in blood sugar, like refined carbohydrates do, and won’t make you crave sugary foods. Many cereals contain omega-3 fatty acids and can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as help prevent cancer.

Fueling with healthy foods while traveling is the key to ensuring you get the necessary nutrients and maintain the energy you need while on the go. These snacks are the perfect foods to bring with you and can be eaten anywhere. Bringing these foods can make staying healthy while away from home extremely easy and accessible. Next time you book a trip, start grocery shopping, too!

This article was written by Shelby Morrison, a Toronto-based food blogger and freelance writer. She has a passion for living the most delicious life while enjoying every step of the way! She eats her way throughout Toronto, yet loves to travel to different cities for some unique and tasty finds. Visit her web site at www.sweetsnmeats.tumblr.com.