50 Shades Darker Star Jamie Dornan’s Fitness Secrets Revealed: Upper Body Workout, Tennis, Rugby

Jamie Dornan
Photo credit: imdb

The 50 Shades Darker trailer was recently released and everyone is buzzing about the sexier look of starlet Dakota Johnson along with the muscles on Jamie Dornan, which have to do with the star’s fitness routine.

As a former Calvin Klein model, Dornan isn’t a stranger to being half naked in front of a camera, but when he has to be, he makes sure he looks his best. So how does Mr. Grey achieve his sexy look?

Well, for Dornan, his workouts usually consist of tennis and rugby, among other training styles.

Fifty Shades Star Jamie Dornan’s Workout Routine

Last February, Dornan posted an incredible image of himself in an elevated horizontal position, easily supported by his strong arms and hands on his now-inactive Twitter account.

He almost appeared as if he was floating in the air, but the image really depicted the strength the actor has. The image came just one week before the release of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Jamie Dornan

Photo credit: imdb

Dornan trains with Iron Fit, a company that describes itself as “strength and movement coaches, nutrition nuts, pro hustlers, iron junkies, hunter G’s, and free range human beings.” In his caption of the image he stated, “With the boys @Ironfit_tv down @T13. Gave them 2 seconds to take this picture before I collapsed & cried. #ironfit.”

One of Dornan’s favorite workout moves reportedly consists of push-ups and pull-ups. These moves not only build muscle, but they also increase strength.

Apparently, Dornan is also an avid tennis player, which allows him to not only be agile, but burn off extra calories as well. Tennis is a great physical activity because it improves cardiovascular health and improves reflexes, promotes strong leg muscles, and improves coordination – on top of the fact it’s just fun overall.

Another beloved sport is of Dornan’s is said to be rugby, which can also promote strength along with providing the actor with a great cardio workout. For mild exercising, Dornan enjoys swimming – also a great way to relax.

As for his diet, Dornan doesn’t adhere to one specifically. His alleged belief is that a person should eat what they want and put in the extra work in order to burn off the extra fat.

Sure, that may be working for Dornan, but it may not be a wise choice for others to eat whatever they desire and hope exercise picks up the slack – try to stick with a healthy, balanced diet as much as possible.

It’s quite clear that Jamie Dornan’s workout plan is working wonders for his sex appeal and body type. Since the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker was released, people haven’t stopped gushing over the hotness overload and the sexy Dornan.

Unfortunately, we still have a few more months before more of the sexiness is revealed when the movie is released in February 2017.

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