Adam Levine Says Behati Prinsloo Pregnancy Cravings Include Watermelons (May Also Include Tomatoes)

Photo Credit: Splash News
Adam Levine

Photo Credit: Splash News

Adam Levine previously admitted on NBC’s The Tonight Show that his wife Behati Prinsloo has been craving watermelon throughout her pregnancy. Although watermelon is a healthy craving, Levine suggests she was consuming a lot of watermelon—but really, there’s no harm in that!

In a recent post on Behati Prinsloo’s Instagram page, the supermodel is seen holding a handful of tomatoes, and refers to them as “sexy.”

My sexy tomatoes ?☀️??

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Clearly Prinsloo enjoys eating healthy, so let’s take a closer look at the Victoria’s Secret model’s diet to see what else she does to maintain her perfect figure.

Behati Prinsloo Model-Ready Diet Tips

When preparing for a Victoria’s Secret runway show (obviously when she’s not pregnant), Prinsloo follows a pretty strict diet to make sure she’s runway ready. Prinsloo sticks mainly to protein, veggies and water. But don’t be fooled—the model still enjoys treats, like chocolate and french fries. The model has previously admitted that her favorite treat is gummy bears; Levine even noted that Prinsloo has strong ice cream cravings during this pregnancy!

To maintain her figure when prepping for a show, Prinsloo hits the gym twice a week. When leading up to a Victoria’s Secret runway show, she performs physical activity daily. Whether it is yoga or swimming, Prinsloo definitely puts in extra hours prior to a fashion show.

Even while pregnant, Prinsloo looks amazing. Levine posted a picture of the pregnant hottie on his Instagram with a caption of “YOWZA.”


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And ‘yowza’ is right – Prinsloo looks absolutely stunning for someone who is just about to have a child (she’s due in September).

Whether Behati Prinsloo is preparing for a show or not, her diet remains pretty healthy. With watermelon pregnancy cravings you can tell that the model enjoys healthy meals. We wish Adam Levine and Behati the best of luck with the coming baby, and we’ll wait anxiously for the Instagram posts of their new bundle of joy.

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