Adriana Lima Flaunts Her Abs during Boxing Workout, Victoria’s Secret Model Follows Healthy Lifestyle for Slim Body

Adriana Lima
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

Looking at her well-maintained physique and toned body, it is hard to believe that Adriana Lima is a mother of two. Her slim body and strong abs are the result of more than ten years of training with Michael Olajide, Jr. Boxing is the biggest passion for Lima, and her trainer trains her as if she were a real boxer.

The Victoria’s Secret model follows a healthy lifestyle along with intense boxing workouts.

Adriana Lima’s Workout

Lima, 35, says that getting a tight backside is all about doing power squats, burpees, and running. To target the glutes, squats are a great workout. It is a full-body workout, which can definitely help tone your butt.

To keep the butt lifted, a combination of workouts is essential. A simple exercise like walking can also do the trick. Lima’s biggest secret to the “Brazilian butt” is to keep moving. When the body is subjected to a particular set of workouts, it gets adapted to it. Mixing up workouts is a perfect way to avoid this and keeps the muscles engaged and working hard.

Her boxing workouts begin with five to ten minutes of exercises to sharpen her mental concentration. She does jumping jacks and shadowboxing. Then for 30 minutes, she does intense double unders, during which she rotates the rope around her body twice within one jump; cross overs, which include crossing the rope in front of her body; and side-to-sides.

Then she throws punches at the speed bag for ten minutes and follows it with ten minutes of double-end bag work. Then for 40 minutes, she and her trainer throw choreographed punches at high speeds. Below is a video that depicts her punches.

Adriana Lima’s Diet

Lima’s diet is a combination of proteins, carbs, and fats. She reportedly follows a portion-controlled diet plan, which means the calorie intake is highest at the beginning of the day and decreases as the day progresses.

Let’s have a glimpse of her alleged healthy eating schedule.

Her breakfast is said to include oatmeal with raisins and egg whites. Or she has Muesli with yogurt or honey. She may also have coffee or milk with it, sometimes.

Her lunch is packed with fiber and proteins. It might include fish, chicken, or red meat with green grilled vegetables. The fibers prevent fats from accumulating in the body.

Her snacks include raw vegetables like cucumbers and carrots, which are free from harmful calories. They are packed with vitamins and minerals that help give her flawless skin. For the instant energy requirements of the body, she reportedly consumes chocolates or honey.

Lima may consume a light dinner of snacks, which helps her have a sound sleep at night and refreshes her for the next day.

She allegedly follows a special diet that assists her in weight loss, and in order to maintain it, she has to increase her calorie intake. She takes five ounces of any type of protein and likes to mix different types of protein shakes. She follows a diet plan designed by a nutritionist, which complements her workouts. It is recommend to seek expert advice before following this particular diet.

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