Adriana Lima Flaunts Abs in Mannequin Challenge: Sneak Peek at Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Toned Body Secrets

Adriana Lima
Photo credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News

The Victoria Secrets Angels are joining in the Mannequin Challenge while showing off their envy-inducing toned bodies, abs, and sports wear in a frozen pose.

Have a look at the stars, Adriana Lima and Lais Ribeiro, taking on the challenge.

Lima’s toned abs are a result of 10 years of training with fitness expert Michael Olajide, Jr., and a healthy diet. Keep reading to find out the detailed diet and workout routine contributing to her toned physique.

Adriana Lima Diet Secrets

“I eat a lot of protein and green vegetables and I always take supplements like Omega-3 and a multivitamin which contains a bunch of things from vitamin B12, to antioxidants and zinc,” said Lima to the Daily Star.

Lima’s Sample Diet Plan:

Breakfast – Lima eats oatmeal with raisins and egg whites for breakfast. She has milk or coffee with it, and for a change, she has muesli with yogurt or honey.

Lunch – She has a lunch which is full of fiber and proteins. She eats fish, chicken or red meat with grilled vegetables. The fiber helps to prevent the fats from accumulating in the body.

Snacks – Rather than opting for salted and processed foods, she consumes refreshing foods that are loaded with vitamins like cucumbers and carrots. If she is feeling low, she eats chocolates or honey to uplift her mood.

Dinner – Lima follows a portion controlled diet where her calorie intake decreases as the day progresses, so her dinner is very light. She just eats a fresh salad for dinner which helps her sleep well and keeps her refreshed when she wakes up the next day. According to experts, such diet aids in weight loss while toning the body.

Michael Olajide, Jr., Lima’s personal trainer, tells Shape that Lima eats only steamed meats (without any sauces) and steamed veggies like broccoli, spinach, very dark greens, and chicken.

Being a new mom, her body had a tendency to retain water so he advised her to decrease salt consumption, which helped her get back in shape.

Adriana Lima Workout Routine

Lima is a fitness freak and we know getting back in shape is not difficult for her after we saw her on the runway just eight weeks post pregnancy! She followed an intense workout regimen and worked out twice a day, seven days a week! Now that she is back in shape, she doesn’t step back from working out. She does a combination of jump rope, boxing, and sculpting maneuvers.

Lima does high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which helps tone the body and keep her in athletic shape. If she overindulges, to burn the extra calories, she incorporates jump rope during her training. To build muscle, she performs high-intensity exercises and for toning her body, she does body weight leg squats and abdominal workouts. Her workouts are not limited to the above exercises and also include Capoeira, yoga, spinning classes, and jogging.

To stay fit, she focuses on portion control, carefully monitoring her food consumption, and stays active and busy.



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