Adriana Lima, Josephine Skriver, and Jasmine Tookes’ Workout to Get Runway Ready for Vs Fashion Show 2016

Adriana Lima
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

Adriana Lima, Josephine Skriver, and Jasmine Tookes were all part of the Victoria Secret fashion show 2016 that happened this week in Paris. The Angels know what it takes to get runway ready and train to be an Angel for this top lingerie brand. So what exactly are some of their tips and tricks for staying healthy and looking fit? Let’s find out.

Train Like an Angel

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is one of the lucky few models cast in this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show.The model, 35,has been doing this a long while (this was her 16th show with Victoria’s Secret) and has one of the most coveted bodies of all the Angels. Her secret?A rigorous fitness routine that includes a lot of boxing.

Lima works out with Michael Olajide Jr., who trains her in boxing. She told Hollywood Life,“Working out is really part of my life every day. It’s part of my job, [but] my passion is still boxing.” Her boxing cardio routine includes jumping rope, boxing sequences, and working with resistance bands.

Olajide has made it so that her routine is efficient with only five moves that round out the total workout for a full-body fix. The routine can be done anywhere, even a hotel room.

The first move is a warm-up with some boxing jabs, followed by squats to engage her lower body and get her heart rate up and blood flowing. Nextis abs work by engaging in some core twists and side-reaching oblique raises. The final power move is to stretch after all of this other activity. Stretching helps prevent injury and should be done before a workout as well.

Lima believes that the only way to get a good-looking behind is to actually get off your butt and move regularly. The 35-year-oldsays that getting a tight butt is all about doing power squats, burpees, and running.

Jasmine Tookes

Tookes told E! News that she feels doing the VS show gets easier every year. “My first year I was panicking, I was working out every day, freaking out.” This year she wore the $3 million “Bright Nights Fantasy Bra” at the fashion show.

This Angel wasn’t always comfortable with her body, and it took a while for her to get to the level of comfort she has today. Her workout routine involves a lot of weight liftingas well as lunges and squats becauseshe tries to workout every day.

What keeps her motivated? Pictures of herself do the trick because she wants to keep her body looking exactly like it did the previous year. Staying hydrated while working out is also important to her.

Josephine Skriver

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Josephine Skriver said “As a model you need to be in shape all year round, but I do amp up more for the Victoria’s Secret show – usually less cardio but more toning. So a lot of boxing at Gotham Gym in New York.”

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