Alexander Skarsgard Thanks 7,000-Calorie Diet for Sexy Six Pack

Alexander Skarsgard
Photo Credit: Ciao Hollywood / Splash News

To prepare for his role in The Legend of Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgard was on a 7,000-calorie diet. Should we all start eating 7,000 calories a day?

The answer is no, unless your pairing it with rigorous workouts like weight lifting and compound exercises every single day like Skarsgard did. Training with his best friend and fitness expert Magnus Lygdbäck, in an interview with The Journal, he stated, “When you have to see the same person every morning at 4:30 a.m., it’s important you get on well with them.”

So, what did Skarsgard do to get his sexy six pack? What diet and workout routine did the True Blood actor follow? All his secrets are shared below.

Skarsgard’s Shares How He Got Fit: Diet and Workout Routine

Tarzan: chiselled, strong, and primal. Yes, you can use all these words to describe Alexander Skarsgard in his latest role. The actor shares that to get in incredible shape he followed a “very strict” diet that was “sugar-, gluten-, wheat-, dairy-, and alcohol-free.”

So, even though it was triple the amount of calories that the actor would normally consume, it was a very clean diet, focusing on lean proteins and no processed ingredients.

Not surprisingly, the actor gained 25 pounds of lean muscle in just three months, and it showed! He ate six small meals per day and trained twice daily, too. His workouts were admittedly very tough, but he stuck to them and has the results to prove it!

Compound exercises were what the actor did in combination with his diet, and those exercises work multiple muscles at once. Alexander Skarsgard has to thank his 7,000-calorie diet for those unreal abs, but it’s clear it didn’t come without hard work. We can’t wait to see him swinging from a tree, six pack and all, in the movie!

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