Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse Welcome First Child: How the Actress Plans on Regaining her Pre-Pregnancy Figure

Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse Welcome First Child: How the Actress Plans on Regaining her Pre-Pregnancy Figure
(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for SVFF)

Actress Amy Smart and husband Carter Oosterhouse celebrated New Year’s Eve by welcoming their first child: a happy and healthy baby girl the couple have named Flora. Who is Amy Smart? Smart, 40, is most well known for her roles in Varsity Blues, The Butterfly Effect, and Just Friends, while Oosterhouse is one of TLC’s favorite handymen, having worked on Trading Spaces and his own show, Carter Can. The couple shared a photo on Smart’s Instagram after the birth of their daughter.

Amy Smart’s Healthy Lifestyle

Smart has enjoyed leading a healthy lifestyle that includes a portion control diet as well as regular workouts. She consumes a mostly vegetarian diet, starting every day with a balanced breakfast that comprises things like eggs, whole grains, and fruit. Her lunches and dinners are often made up of lean protein with plenty of vegetables. Snacking between meals is no problem, as she chooses healthy smoothies, fruit, nuts, and yogurt to keep her going. Smart also allows herself cheat days so she never feels deprived. On these days, she enjoys treats like brownies and cupcakes, though she doesn’t overdo it and utilizes portion control to help her manage her weight and stay fit.

Smart also enjoys working out regularly. She particularly likes the Cardio Barre program, which mixes low-impact ballet and barre exercises to help tone muscle and trim fat. Barre workouts have been growing in popularity, with fellow celebs Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, Dakota Fanning, and Lucy Hale participating in these classes. The barre method combines ballet, yoga, Pilates, core workouts, and even weight training to give your body a full workout. This method can also help increase coordination while toning and tightening your body without packing on any bulky muscle mass.

Smart also practices Kundalini yoga, a specific form of yoga that combines movement, breathing techniques, mantras, and meditation to draw energy through the chakras and increase physical and spiritual consciousness. Kundalini is the name used for “serpent power,” which is said to sit coiled at the base of your spine. Through this form of yoga, you are able to pull this power up and through seven chakras and experience what is known as a Kundalini Awakening.

Smart has stated that she relies on a good morning routine to start her day off on the right foot. She has explained that she likes to do something inspiring every morning, whether it be something as simple as spending time with her pets and husband or practicing meditation.

Amy Smart has consistently led a healthy and balanced lifestyle that is relatively easy to maintain. Fun workouts and portion control shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with now that she’s a new mom, and she’ll be back to her pre-pregnancy body in no time!


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