Ariana Grande Flaunts Super Slim Physique in Performance alongside Madonna

Ariana Grande
onstage during the 2016 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 20, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

When Madonna and Ariana Grande took the stage for Malawi in Miami last weekend, things got hot, hot, hot. The pop royalty duo joined each other on stage at the Raising Malawi benefit that helped raise $7.5 million for pediatric care, and they let it all hang out in revealing costumes.

Videos online show the Queen of Pop and her younger protégé busting out all kinds of dance moves for onlookers, which was surely a treat for any fans in the house. But maybe you’ve already seen the footage and are asking yourself, hey, how do these ladies look so slim?

Ariana Grande’s a Vegan

Ariana Grande is super slim; there’s no question about it. A lot of this is attributed the fact that she follows a vegan diet and lives a highly active lifestyle. Every day when she’s rehearsing for a concert and then performing, she’s getting a great cardio workout. Her performances are very high energy and heavy on the dancing, so she’s burning all kinds of calories and giving her heart a great workout, too.

This is definitely a major contributor to her slender physique. She’s also a vegan, and one of the best parts about a vegan diet—as long as you’re not snacking on chips and sugary treats that can add to weight gain—is that it’s not an eating style where you have to worry about portion control; diets can sometimes be more difficult when they are highly restrictive.

“Macrobiotic Japanese Diet”

According to an interview with Glamour, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who works with Grande, says she really likes to eat daikon, lotus, and adzuki beans in what he calls a “macrobiotic Japanese diet.” If you’re wondering what those items are—much like I was—daikon is a winter radish with a long white root (it looks like horseradish). Some benefits it’s touted to have include anti-inflammatory, improves digestion, strengthens bones, antioxidant and may help stimulate weight loss.

Lotus is a root vegetable, with some of the benefits being improving digestion, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening the immune system. It’s rich in a number of nutrients and is a very healthful item. Adzuki beans are a great source of protein and fiber, and they can help lower cholesterol, build muscle, promote weight loss, reduce blood pressure, and improve digestion and heart health.

Should You Adopt a Similar Eating Style

I would never recommend someone to adopt a vegan diet; however, I do believe strongly in eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Including animal proteins like chicken breast, eggs, lean meats, and yogurt, however, is also recommended to make sure you hit the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and the highest-quality proteins. Including one or two sources of animal protein per day is completely healthy, especially if you’re also eating a variety of nutrient-dense, fiber-rich veggies.

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