Ariana Grande Watches Calories, Stays Away from Starchy Carbs, Eats Almonds for Protein

Ariana Grande
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Singer and actress Ariana Grande debuted her first album Yours Truly in 2013 and there has been no stopping this petite beauty since her arrival on the pop music scene. Ariana Grande’s diet has been vegan for over a year now, though she has followed a mostly vegetarian diet for most of her life.

Ariana Grande

The singer recently participated in a tribute for Whitney Houston on the season finale of ABC’s Greatest Hits and stole the stage with her renditions of Houston’s hits “How Will I Know” and “Queen of the Night”.

Ariana Grande Diet and Exercise Plan

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Ariana Grande’s trainer, Harley Pasternak, opened up about the singer’s exercise plan. Grande apparently does these exercises while on the road. They’re so simple, that fans can even do them while on vacation:

  • Superman: Lie face down with your arms and legs extended. Lift your thighs and chest off the ground and then slowly lower back down. Repeat.
  • Reverse Lunge: With your feet shoulder-width apart; step backward with one knee and drop the other knee down; return to the initial position. Alternate legs and repeat.
  • Pike Plank: Get into a plank (push-up) position; your hands should be right beneath your shoulders. Strengthen your core and jump your feet under your hips. Pause briefly, and then place your hands firmly on the floor. Jump back to starting position and repeat.

Ariana Grande’s Eating Plan

What you put in your body is extremely important to weight loss and maintenance, and Grande says she is currently the thinnest she has ever been and is taking in more calories than ever before. She admits that eating some carbs is important because it is a great source of energy (fuel for the body).

Ariana Grande

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Grande prefers organic oatmeal flavored with flax and cinnamon for breakfast every morning to get her energized and fueled up for the day ahead.

For protein she eats a handful of almonds and two eggs, making her breakfast a protein powerhouse. Adding a piece of fruit would be perfect, because women need two cups of fruit a day, according to Choose My Plate, a government initiative to get people eating the right foods in the right amounts.

For lunch, Grande has a lean protein, such as chicken or salmon, and pairs it with a vegetable, possibly kale, and hummus, as well as a piece of fruit.

Her dinner consists of whichever protein she didn’t choose for lunch, and she eats her last meal before 7:30 p.m. Eating every two to four hours works well for her because it keeps her body fueled and avoids blood sugar dips.

Her go-to snacks are nuts, green tea, nut butters, and healthy snack bars. Drinking water throughout the day is a calorie-free way to stay hydrated and her first choice of fluids.

Ariana Grande

Photo Credit: Splash News

Ariana Grande lives a vegan lifestyle, which means avoiding meat or products derived from meat. It is a plant-based diet that has worked for this singer.

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