Ariel Winter Wins Weight Loss Fight: “Modern Family” Star looks Slimmer than Ever in Instagram Share

Ariel Winter
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Ariel Winter stunned her fans with a sizzling pic she posted on Instagram, flaunting her weight loss. She took support of a wall as she posed in white baggy pants with white loop ties down each side. The Modern Family star paired her pants with a black top revealing her cleavage and looked radiant as she posed.

Winter confessed to surgically reducing her breasts from 32F to 32D in March, during an interview with Good Morning America.

These b*tches at light weight, I am always at fight weight ??

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She mentions that she is always struggling with her weight. She still feels that she hasn’t trimmed down enough although we can definitely see the difference! Winter’s fitness secrets are simple—eat healthy and workout! Read on to know more.

Ariel Winter’s Weight Loss Fight

Workouts are a part of Winter’s routine and she ensures she doesn’t miss them. Her beau often accompanies her to workout at the gym and they even go hiking together. She works out with celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson, known for trimming a number of celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and many others.

Once regular workouts became a part of her routine, the actress told Glamour last August, “I have felt more happy with myself than I ever have.” Winter confidently stands up against body shaming and is confident about the way she looks and feels. She says she can wear dresses of all styles and doesn’t have to think about slipping into the tightest dress.

Ariel Winter’s Weight Loss Diet

Ariel Winter always adheres to a healthy lifestyle and is always conscious about her consumption, not to lose weight, but to feel healthy. She practices portion control for every meal and eats only those foods that can benefit her in some way. She refrains from junk and processed foods as she is aware of their low-nutrient content. She ensures she eats what her body needs rather than what it desires. Winter’s diet is packed with the right vitamins and minerals from healthy sources like fresh fruits and green veggies.

She got rid of unwholesome and nutrient-deficit foods and includes plenty of complex carbohydrates and fibers like oats, wild rice, and whole-grain cereals in her diet. She also consumes a good amount of proteins throughout the day, the sources of which include fish, eggs, and chicken.

Rather than opting for sugary beverages which contribute to a high-caloric intake, she swears by drinking water. She drinks three liters of water every day which not only quenches her thirst, but provides enormous benefits like suppressing her appetite, flushing out toxins, and blessing her with radiant skin.

Ariel Winter believes in the health benefits of garlic, which include boosting up the metabolism, eliminating fat from the cells, and detoxifying the body. She must also be aware that it helps with weight loss, too!

We think the body-positive starlet looks absolutely stunning!



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