Ariel Winter’s Racy Poolside Photoshoot: Modern Family Star Shows Off Her Incredible Curves and Fit Body

Ariel Winter
Photo Credit: John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty

Actress Ariel Winter did a racy poolside photoshoot in Los Angeles this past Saturday, reminding us that the 18-year-old is definitely not shy when it comes to showing off her fabulous curves. The Modern Family star seemed to love every minute of the shoot, where she posed in many different ways in a high-cut, lace-up swimsuit with black high-heeled boots. Partway through the shoot, the actress changed into a pair of very short shorts that hugged her hips and revealed most of her backside.

Winter is best known for role as Alex Dunphy on the hit comedy series Modern Family, which is still on the air. She also does the voice for the title and main character in the Disney Junior TV series called Sofia the First. In 2015, Winter won her case against her mother where she sought legal emancipation. The young actress has gone through quite a bit in her life, but at 18 has incredible strength and confidence in who she is and how she looks.

Ariel Winter’s Workout

Though she has a fit body and works out regularly, Winter’s physique is not the standard rail-thin look that seems to dominate Hollywood, and that’s a good thing because diversity is wonderful and makes us all unique. But Winter told Seventeen magazine in an interview for their November issue that “it’s definitely hard being self-conscious and having the world be able to tell you how they feel about you.” Before Twitter and Instagram, she says, if you felt a certain way about someone you didn’t know, you couldn’t tell them. “Now I wake up and I have tweets to me about how I’m a fat, ugly blah-blah.”

The actress’s body positive attitude has many fans looking up to her, and she says it’s the main reason she will never quit social media—she feels there are many girls out there who need to hear positivity. And she would know since she has been the target of body haters for most of her life, including from her own mother.

Ariel Winters stays fit by working out in the gym regularly, and sometimes does so with her boyfriend Laurent Gaudette. The star likes to workout with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who is responsible for having helped Khloe Kardashian get in shape recently. The trainer also calls Jennifer Lopez a client.

Winter posted a video on Instagram a few months ago of her working out on the gym on a Monday, and in the caption said, “when you can’t see @gunnarfitness on a Monday…? / #justworkinonmyfitness @laurent_claude_gaudette.”

#tbt to when you can't see @gunnarfitness on a Monday…? #justworkinonmyfitness PC: @laurent_claude_gaudette

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Some of Petersen’s diet and fitness tips that he uses with clients, including Winter, are:

Stick to foods as close to their natural state as possible. Eat light proteins, light complex carbs, and fruit high in antioxidants in the morning. Eat clean carbs, vegetables, and light protein in the middle of the day. Eat veggies and protein in the evening; no carbs. Make breakfast bigger than lunch, and lunch bigger than dinner.

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