Arrow Star Stephen Amell Shares Workout for Fitness Friday, Adds Protein to Healthy Diet

Arrow Star Stephen Amell shares workout for Fitness Friday,
Credit: Fotostore / Splash News
Arrow Star Stephen Amell shares workout for Fitness Friday,

Credit: Fotostore / Splash News

Few people take Fitness Friday more seriously than Stephen Amell, star of the hit TV show The Arrow, and the actor follows a diet heavy in protein to fuel his workouts.

For his role as the superhero Green Arrow, Stephen Amell has to stay in great physical shape, and he gave fans a peek of his workout routine on Instagram last Friday. The star uploaded a video of himself in the gym doing some intense, raised, one-legged pushups using kettlebells. Talk about intense!

Stephen Amell Fitness Friday Workouts

What does Amell use to fuel his Fitness Friday workouts? The TV star eats a healthy diet that gives him the energy he needs for exercise and building muscle. Amell’s diet focuses on protein and healthy fats.

In fact, to get his body in the best physical shape, Amell says that he cuts out dairy and gluten from his diet. Dairy contains large amounts of unhealthy fat, and can also be inflammatory. Gluten is believed by some to be inflammatory. Amell also stops drinking alcohol when he wants to get in the best physical condition.

For Amell, a healthy fitness diet includes a lot of protein, which helps with building muscle. Protein-rich foods include eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, and certain lentils and legumes.

Amell also eats healthy fats when he’s working out. Healthy fats can be derived from olive oil, avocados, fish, and nuts. Amell also eats vegetables as part of his diet. Green vegetables, like broccoli and bell peppers, can be a good source of complex, healthy carbs.

While Amell’s diet may not seem very extreme, it seems to give him enough energy for his intense workout routine. Amell typically works out six to seven days a week, using a combination of cardio, strength training, boxing, and bodyweight exercises to stay in shape. He changes his workout routine regularly.

While Amell does take recovery days, he still performs more activity on his recovery days than most of us do during our workouts. For Amell, recovery days can include martial arts, kickboxing, running, archery, and parkour.

So if you want to have the energy for a Fitness Friday workout like Stephen Amell, start eating more protein and healthy fats in your diet.



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