Arrow’s Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell’s Co-Star, Enjoys Boxing Workout

Arrow's Katie Cassidy
Photo credit: Ben Gabbe / Stringer /Getty

Arrow’s Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell’s co-star, Instagrammed a picture of herself enjoying a boxing workout.

The American actress does a number of exercises and consumes a balanced diet to ensure she maintains her shape.

Katie Cassidy’s Diet Plan

The actress likes to eat healthy and accompanies her workouts with a balanced diet. She eats a protein rich diet and consumes a lot of fruits and veggies. She avoids red meat and processed foods.

She has been on the same diet for a long time and has always had the same breakfast. Her breakfast includes smoked salmon, poached eggs, avocado, multi-grain toast, grapefruit juice, and coffee.

Her lunch consists of proteins and veggies, and her dinner depends on her mood: she eats brown rice, pasta, chicken, or veggies.

For snacks, she likes to have almonds or fruits.

Katie Cassidy’s Workout Routine

Though Cassidy is blessed with a slim and lean figure, she still loves to workout. Does her role as Black Canary in Arrow have something to do with her workouts? For her role, she needs to be fit and agile, as she has a lot of action-oriented scenes as a superhero.

“Workout wise, I always think it’s good to keep your body guessing. I’m also in training for the show, so playing a superhero requires big muscles,” Cassidy told InStyle.

She can easily do one of the hardest exercises: pull-ups. For a strong and lean body, she likes to do weight training. She loves to do yoga and spinning as well.

She likes to use heavy weights and can go up to 25 pounds for bicep curls. To prevent getting bored during exercising, she combines different exercises.

Apart from healthy eating and workouts, the important thing for her is to live a happy life. She told InStyle, “It’s important for me to also live a happy, healthy, and full life. Your energy, mind, and body totally connect.”

Health Recommendations for Her Fans:

A low-calorie diet and increased physical activity will reduce abdominal fat and increase cardio-respiratory fitness. Having a diet deficit of 500 to 1,000 kcal/day will help reduce one to two pounds a week.

Eating 100 calories from processed foods is definitely worse than 100 calories of fruits or veggies, which are healthier and will make you feel full.

Turn to food only to satisfy hunger and not to comfort or to relieve stress.

Opt for yoga, meditation, music, or walking when you feel like eating.

Losing weight can make you feel drained and sick, so ensure that you lose weight the correct way and do not starve yourself. Aim to lose fat and not muscles.

Use fitness tools like apps and fitness trackers to know how far you’ve come. Track your calorie intake, the food you eat, the weight you lose, etc. It will keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Most importantly, cut down on sugar and refined carbs.


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