Audrina Patridge Flaunts Bikini Body Post-Baby on Honeymoon with Corey Bohan

Audrina Patridge
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer/ Getty

Audrina Patridge, star of The Hills, finally tied the knot with Corey Bohan. Their marriage took place in Hawaii, where they are now enjoying their honeymoon. The honeymoon wasn’t just experienced by the happy couple: they brought along their four-month old daughter. But what had heads turning was the fact that Patridge has already managed to achieve a hot bikini body post-baby.

So how exactly did Patridge get wedding and post-baby ready? We’re here to explain the reality star’s fitness routine.

Audrina Patridge Wedding and Post-Baby Fitness and Diet

Patridge has always loved Pilates, so to trim down in four months to prepare for her wedding, she kept that up. Patridge also partakes in boxing, cardio, and strength training exercises in order to keep herself looking fit.

Before having her daughter, Patridge would work out five to six times a week. So we’re wondering if, now that she’s a mother, she’ll still have the time to maintain such a schedule.

The secret to Patridge’s workouts is interval training, where she conducts short bursts of cardiovascular intensity layered with resistance training. This style of training really aids in creating body changes as it completely fatigues the muscles.

Furthermore, Patrdige’s workouts include bouts of what her trainer refers to as “Body Box.” Body Box is segments of shadow boxing followed by light weight training.

As for her diet, Patridge relies on the meal service The Sunfare Diet. The meals contain lean proteins, low GI carbs, and healthy fats in a ratio of 30:40:30. She intakes the recommended 1,200 calories a day.

Patridge has long been a lover of junk food, but once she began to realize the toll it took on her body, she cleaned up her diet right away. Now instead of her diet consisting of sugar and empty calories, it is packed with nutrient-dense foods, including lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, smoothies, and nuts.

Another secret of Patridge’s diet is small portion sizes. Even foods that may not be considered healthy or good can still be enjoyed by Patridge because she monitors her intake of them and consumes them in small amounts. This is a great way to curb cravings and be satisfied.

Another large part of Patridge’s health and fitness plan is relaxation. An exhausted body doesn’t look good, so Patridge takes the time to relax and restore her body to continue to look her best. Some of her secrets include aromatherapy baths and full body massages to promote relaxation and boost circulation.

Although it has only been four months since Audrina Patridge gave birth to her first child, she already looked amazing on her wedding day to longtime boyfriend and BMX rider Corey Bohan. Patridge will undoubtedly get her abs once again if she sticks with her healthy lifestyle.



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