Jon Yaneff

Jon Yaneff

Do you remember snow globes? Those bubbles with sturdy bases, and when you shake them, fake snow falls to the ground? Life to Jon Yaneff sometimes felt like being in that bubble. That analogy is perfect to describe the food he once, well, thought was food.

He underwent massive changes in his life over the past couple of years, and his metaphorical snow globe has smashed. He is now open to everything, trying every new thing that he feels can benefit him in the long run. As a former sports reporter with a community newspaper group, an industrialized and fast food lifestyle was his companion. When he left his position, Jon adopted yogic, spiritual, holistic and vegetarian lifestyles, finding peace and allowing him to spread that peace to others through his words.

Jon brings creativity, compassion and courage to his writing, living by example and mirroring to the world his life through the words he types on the screen you’re reading right now. Foods4BetterHealth is the perfect fit for Jon, who believes that words heal, just like eating whole and natural foods does. He is currently taking his passion for holistic nutrition to the next level, studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition on a part-time basis. Jon is also a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

He also has a blog geared toward health, a conscious lifestyle, and overall wellbeing at WellBeing Stadium. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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