Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, Fiancé Jordan Rodgers Reveal Pre-Wedding Workout & Diet Plan

JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers
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The long journey of hunting for the perfect match has finally come to an end for The Bachelorette star, JoJo Fletcher. She will soon be tying the knot with her fiancé Jordan Rodgers.

With the special day soon arriving, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers’ pre-wedding preparations are in full swing. The bride-to-be makes sure she sculpts her body to easily slip into her wedding gown.

Workout and diet plans are the top priority of the couple’s pre-wedding preparations.

While discussing their wedding plans, Fletcher told Us Weekly, “I have the biggest family and I know my mom already has the largest list of people to invite.

I actually started sending him Pinterest photos of types of weddings. I think right now – and this is embarrassing that I already know this – I like an outdoor, kind of rustic wedding.

I’m in the phase right now where I’m just sending him pictures and seeing if he agrees!”

The Couples Workout and Diet Plan

Fletcher is a food addict but embraces only healthy eating. “Dieting is hard for me,” Fletcher admitted to Us Weekly this summer. “I love food too much… I love Mexican food and truffle mac ‘n cheese — anything cheesy!”

She believes eating out every day makes you consume food that is not so healthy for your body and makes you put on weight.

“I cook more now that I’m getting older, because you can’t eat out every single day,” she adds. “It’s easy to grill a piece of chicken and steam broccoli. I eat healthy, and then I’ll have a cheat day.”

Her favorite foods on cheat days include foods loaded with cheese!

The couple’s wedding menu will likely be healthy, too, with grilled chicken, veggies and many other lip-smacking delicacies.

She tells Us Weekly that she is an average cook with not-so-good cooking skills.

Working out is important for the Bachelorette star, and she cherishes it from her childhood. Growing up she played basketball and volleyball and ran track.

Now she is into a lot of cardio exercises like the StairMaster and spin classes. She loves working out outdoors. Fletcher takes her dog, Jackson, to the park and runs with him. That is also one of her favorite fat-burning workouts, she mentions.

She shared a pic after her running session with her dog on Instagram for her admirers.

Don’t think he was feeling this… #familyportrait ???

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The former NFL athlete, Rodgers, has posted numerous pictures on Instagram sharing his workout, one of which he captioned, “This boat isn’t going gently down any stream… #lunchbreak#converse @theangelopoli kicking my butt since ’10”.

This boat isn’t going gently down any stream… #lunchbreak #converse @theangelopoli kicking my butt since ’10

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He is also busy training the next generation of football stars.

He shared this video with his dad engaged in sword fight.

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With their immense dedication to workouts and a healthy diet, the couple will definitely leave onlookers wiping the drool off their mouths.

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