Bad Moms Star Mila Kunis Growing Baby Bump, Ashton Kutcher’s Wife Shares Pregnancy Fitness Secrets and Cravings

Mila Kunis
Photo credit: Ethan Miller / Staff /Getty

Bad Moms star Mila Kunis is pregnant, and her beloved hubby Ashton Kutcher is pampering her with the pregnancy cravings. The big-eyed radiant beauty was recently seen flaunting her baby bump in Beverly Hills. The actress’s secret to her pregnancy fitness is her balanced diet and yoga classes.

Mila Kunis Pregnancy Workout

Being pregnant did not stop Kutcher’s wife from workouts during her first pregnancy in 2014. She headed to yoga classes to stay fit as well as to connect to her expected child. She performed pregnancy-safe yoga poses, dance and meditation in the classes. She also took spinning classes at Blazing Saddles studio in Sherman Oaks. The studio offers a no-impact aerobic exercise program on a specially designed stationary bicycle, their site mentions.

The calorie-burning workouts in the spinning classes provide a combination of energizing music, cardiovascular health, strength and stamina building.

Pre-Pregnancy Workout

Kunis hits the gym regularly for a slim and lean figure. She works out five days in a week. Even if she gains pounds, she doesn’t stress herself and is happy about the way her body looks. She adores Pilates, even though it is challenging. Yoga and Pilates offer wonderful benefits like relieving stress, losing weight and keeps you happy too.

Mila Kunis Diet

Kunis is a big foodie and even admits it! But she alters her diet if she has to work in an upcoming film. She reportedly consumed a balanced diet of complex carbs, proteins, and essential fatty acids for a few months for a previous role. It took away all her extra pounds and left her with a thin physique. But she apparently regained the lost pounds once she stopped dieting.

Kunis got back to her balanced diet during pregnancy. Her diet is quite wholesome and nutrient-dense. She includes veggies, especially the green ones, in her daily diet. For the high-hitting pregnancy cravings, Kutcher has stocked the refrigerator with pickles and ice-creams.

Kunis indulges in guacamole, a fajita salad and fish tacos. She is fond of Mexican food. Kunis likes to eat the Cali Burger, which is comprised of butter lettuce, slow-roasted tomato, house spread, house-made American cheese and caramelized onions.

Kunis knows she not only has to take care of her body, but her unborn child as well. With the baby being the top-most priority, she has kept her work minimal. Pregnancy diets must include healthy foods and the cravings must be consumed in moderation. Whenever you crave for unhealthy foods, opt for low-calorie chocolate or banana and yogurt.

Make sure you do not really put into practice the old saying “eating for two.” Go for fruits, veggies, whole grains, and nuts to nourish your body. Preferably, eat green and leafy veggies.

Include simple workouts to lower back pain like walking. Abs workouts are very beneficial during pregnancy, and swimming, yoga, and weightlifting can also be done under the guidance of a trainer. But pregnant women should always consult an obstetrician or other health care professional before starting or continuing an exercise regimen.

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