Bella Thorne Works Out Every Day, but Eats What She Wants

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne shows off her svelte body in an olive green outfit as she is interviewed on Extra in LA, iPix211/London Entertainment. 06/07/2016.

Bella Thorne eats what she likes and doesn’t care people think, even her doctor. But a look at Bella Thorne’s favorite foods reveals that maybe she should. On Bella Thorne’s Instagram, the teen star said her favorite foods include spicy food and ravioli.

Her favourite foods are Ravioli and Spicy Food. #bellathorne #annabellaaverythorne @bellathorne

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Bella Thorne is an actress and singer known for her roles in the Disney Channel series Shake it Up, and movie roles in Blended and The Duff. While the 18-year-old has been open about her acne problem, she has admittedly ignored her skin doctor who explained the importance of diet to help treat the skin condition.

So, what does Bella Thorne like to eat? Basically, whatever she likes. She enjoys messy foods like chicken wings, and she also likes hot dogs and cheeseburgers with bacon and avocado. Vanilla is her favorite ice cream flavor. Bella Thorne’s fast food cravings include Chinese food and a large chocolate cake. There was also a time where all she did was eat pizza.

What will these Bella Thorne fav foods do to her health? Foods high in sugar such as ice cream encourage oil production and provide nourishment for bacteria and yeast. The most common foods that trigger skin reactions include chocolate, sugar, wheat, and dairy, and saturated and hydrogenated fats and fried foods may worsen acne. Bella Thorne may also be sensitive to carbohydrates, which also leads to skin inflammation.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne shows off her svelte body in an olive green outfit as she is interviewed on Extra in LA, iPix211/London Entertainment. 06/07/2016.

How Does Bella Thorne Stay in Shape?

Despite Bella Thorne’s eating habits, the actress strives to keep in shape by being at the gym seven days a week, and sometimes she works out twice a day. Regular sessions at the gym have given her a more muscular and fit look. She often does a full abs workout, and also back, biceps, and leg exercises. Some of her exercises target her calves, glutes, arms, and waist. She often goes to SoulCycle in the morning, and then hits the gym later in the day. She wants to build lean muscle through aerobic conditioning, and her workouts are usually an hour long, with time for proper stretching before and after.

Not everything Bella Thorne eats is unhealthy, though. Another Instagram post shows her with fruit water. She put lemon, orange, and watermelon in the water, and these fruits are full of electrolytes that can help with recovery and energy after a workout. Other foods she eats for her workouts include Greek yogurt and two hard-boiled eggs, which are high in muscle-building protein.

Although most of her eating habits are unhealthy, the young singer believes that the time she spends in the gym makes up for her poor choices. That said, her poor food choices may be a root cause for her acne—she would be wise to listen to her doctor in this case.

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