Benedict Cumberbatch: Height, Age, Weight, Body Statistics

Credit: Jeff Spicer / Stringer

Benedict Cumberbatch is 42 years old. The English actor reportedly weighs 79 kg (174 pounds) and has a height of 6’0″ (183 cm). His workout includes power yoga and cardio, which helps him maintain a 42-14-32 fit body.

Even in 2018, years after his starring role in the blockbuster superhero film Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch has been spotted around Hollywood looking super-fit.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Weight, Age, Height, Body Measurements

Name: Benedict Cumberbatch (Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch)

Age: 42 years, July 19, 1976

Mother: Wanda Ventham

Father: Timothy Carlton

Build: Athletic

Weight: 79 kg or 174 pounds

Height in feet: 6’0″ ft

Height in centimeters: 183 cm 

Girlfriend/Spouse: Sophie Hunter (spouse)

Measurements: 42-14-32 inches (107-35.5-81 cm)

Diet: High-calorie diet

Workout: Power yoga, cardiovascular workout

Best known for: His portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC TV series Sherlock (2010-present); as the villain Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek Into Darkness (2013); as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game (2014); and as Dr. Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange (2016).

Know More about Benedict Cumberbatch

He said in an interview with Yahoo7 Be, “I started working out for this film, not just to be bigger to fill the suit so to speak of being this Super Hero, but also for endurance, to be able to take knocks, to be able to do multiple takes of fight scenes over five days and to do an action sequence at the end of the film.”

Another big aspect of taking on the character was developing core strength. Core strength allowed Cumberbatch to hold himself up through the action scenes. Furthermore, it was important that he was fluid and his movements were flexible and seamless.

Cumberbatch continued in the interview, “So, as well as a training ritual to bulk up and become strong, I did a lot of postural movement and balancing with a form of flowing, power yoga. You build up a sweat and muscle but it all connects for mobility.

“That training started before I played Hamlet [in the London theatre production], which was a sort of shred every night—three hours of cardiovascular workout. Then during the day I’d be working out for this film and rehearsing for this film and looking after a baby. That keeps you fit and awake.”

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Diet Plan

Although some actors may not be willing to change their diet, or even enjoy it very much, Cumberbatch noted that although his diet was boring, he loved the fact that it was working to transform his body. He worked with a great team of nutritionists and trainers that kept him motivated and helped him achieve the Doctor Strange physique.

Cumberbatch had to bulk up for his role in Doctor Strange. To do that, he followed a high-calorie diet.

Benedict Cumberbatch has helped Doctor Strange top many of Marvel’s other superhero films, which raises the question of whether Marvel will keep the franchise going and create more Doctor Strange films. Fans would definitely welcome a sequel.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Weight, Height, Age, Body Measurements

Benedict Cumberbatch Weight 79 kg (174 lbs)
Benedict Cumberbatch Height 6’0″ (183 cm)
Benedict Cumberbatch Age 42 years
Benedict Cumberbatch Body Measurements 42-14-32 inches (107-35.5-81 cm)