Bethenny Frankel: Go Seasonal to be Naturally Thin

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naturally thin, Bethenny Frankel, seasonal eating, Reality starlet Bethenny Frankel is well-known for being naturally thin (hello Skinnygirl cocktails!) On Monday, the best-selling author tweeted to her 1.47 million followers about the benefits of choosing food that is in season:

“If u want to be #NaturallyThin, it’s time to go seasonal…”


In her latest blog post, Frankel suggests that seasonal eating can contribute toward weight loss. She further touts that in order to be naturally thin, you have to choose food that is in season whenever possible (a local farmers’ market is a perfect place for fresh food).

Seasonal food is tasty, fresh and less expensive, according to Frankel. For example, a peach being shipped from a foreign country in the middle of winter will be more expensive and have less flavor than a ripe peach picked in July.

But why exactly is seasonal eating healthier?

How to Be Naturally Thin and Healthy: The Seasonal Eating Connection

It turns out that there might be more nutrients in seasonal foods. Research shows a difference in the nutrients consumed in respect to when the food is harvested.

Researchers in Japan noticed three times as much of vitamin C in spinach that was harvested during the summer season compared to the winter season. Let’s look at beets—they are rich in calcium and magnesium, which many people lack during the winter season. It may be beneficial to consume beets with a supplement for an optimal seasonal eating plan.

Finally, when it comes to seasonal eating and weight loss, think green. Ditch the fad diets and opt for six to eight cups of fresh, healthy seasonal greens every day (you can also include them as part of a healthy, nutritious smoothie).

If you visit a farmer’s marker during the spring, you’ll likely find delicious baby peas and new greens. The benefit of a farmers market is that the food has likely been picked the same day (you can’t get fresher than that).

In addition to seasonal eating, in order to be naturally thin, drink more water, exercise and cut out processed foods.