Black Swan Star Natalie Portman Credits Vegan Diet and Daily Workouts for Fit Body, Great Skin

Photo Credit: Splash News
Natalie Portman

Photo Credit: Splash News

Black Swan star Natalie Portman follows a vegan diet and enjoys daily workouts to keep her body in shape and her skin looking flawless.

Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her role as a ballerina in the movie Black Swan, but the actress had to work incredibly hard to portray her character properly. To play a professional ballerina convincingly, Portman used intense daily workouts to get in shape.

Natalie Portman

Still from Natalie Portman in Black Swan. 11/23/2010. *Credit: Fox Searchlight/Splash News.

Natalie Portman’s Weight Loss for Black Swan

Ballerinas are known for having slim bodies, lean muscle, and almost-perfect posture. To achieve this look, Portman trained six days a week for up to eight hours each day. She used a combination of ballet classes, swimming, cardio exercises, and cross-training to keep her body both lean and strong.

The results of her workout were that Portman was able to display a slim “dancer’s body” in the movie, with toned arms and strong legs. Not only did Portman look like a ballerina, but she also had the strength to perform ballerina dance moves and routines.

Natalie Portman’s weight loss for Black Swan is due in large part to her intense workout routine, but diet also played a big role. In fact, Portman follows a vegan diet that she claims keeps her healthy and looking young.

When Did Natalie Portman Start Following the Vegan Diet?

Portman has been a vegan since 2009, although she’s gone off the diet at times. Before she became a vegan, Portman was a vegetarian. She decided to cut out all animal products after reading the book “Eating Animals,” which details how animals are raised and killed in the farming industry.

While Portman may have become a vegan due to her ethical concerns, the diet has had a big impact on her health. While she ate some animal products while being pregnant, eating vegan helped her lose weight after giving birth.

Portman’s vegan diet includes a lot of plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits). Eating a vegan diet also helps Portman avoid unhealthy foods that are high in salt, fat, or calories. Most of the foods that Portman eats are homemade, and she does a lot of vegan cooking. This helps her avoid unhealthy processed foods.

Natalie Portman’s Beauty Secrets

Natalie Portman’s vegan diet does more than just keep her lean. In fact, Portman attributes her flawless complexion to her vegan diet. By avoiding animal products, Portman says that she is able to avoid acne breakouts.

In particular, Portman says that eating any dairy causes her skin to breakout. For many people, dairy can cause inflammation, leading to acne or digestive upset.

Another one of Natalie Portman’s beauty secrets is drinking a lot of water. Drinking water helps flush toxins out of our body and keeps our skin from drying out. Portman says that water is very important for her complexion.

So if you want to follow your own Natalie Portman skin care and beauty routine, start working out, eat a vegan diet, and drink a lot of water!

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