Blake Lively Back in Shape: Ryan Reynolds’ Wife Looks Great in Post-Baby Body

Blake Lively
Credit: Brian Ach / Stringer/ Getty

When Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds announced the birth of their second baby, who else was thinking, “Great! Now Blake can hurry up and get slim again!” Nobody? Good. Me neither. And if you were, may the lord take no mercy.

But Lively and hubby Reynolds are both known for being in shape and having slender physiques, so regardless of how much they expand their family, they’ll likely always be about a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, they’re both pretty inspirational when it comes to how they eat, workout, and take care of their bodies.

Considering Lively was on set in a bathing suit and performing all kinds of physical tasks for her role in The Shallows shortly after the birth of baby James, her lifestyle is definitely worth a peek.

Making a Bounce Back Easier

When your lifestyle already involves healthy eating and exercise, it’s much easier to lose any additional weight put on during pregnancy. Lively likely didn’t abandon her dietary principles (which involves sticking to nutrient dense foods) or her exercise routine while she was pregnant—she just made adjustments to account for the health and safety of the baby she was carrying. After birth, and when her body was ready, she likely got back in the gym.

Lively had to get ready to begin filming The Shallows and she had to do it in fast forward, so she called celebrity trainer, Don Saladino, whom she’d worked with in the past. They put together a full body program that featured upper body exercises, lower body exercises, and core exercises.

Saladino told Cosmopolitan that Lively came into the gym five to six days a week and trained between 30 to75 minutes per session. They started each session with some mobility work, and then a full-body warm-up featuring various jumps, throws and carries to handle upper body, lower body and core workout movements. As they moved through the week, they would include a spilt featuring upper body workouts, lower body workouts, intervals, mobility, and accessory days.

The Nutrient-Dense Food in Her Diet

Working out is only half of the equation. If you want to increase your muscle mass and burn more calories (get toned), your body needs the right fuel. Lively follows a high-protein, nutrient dense diet that’s high in nutrition and healthy food and very low in in refined and processed foods.

She sticks to the 80-20 rule, where she eats healthy the majority of the time, but still allows herself to splurge on items like pizza and pasta from time to time. But for the most part, she’s sticking to foods like: Proteins (steak, chicken, turkey, eggs, egg whites, fish), Vegetables, Fruit, Healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, butter), Complex carbs (sweet potato, oats, squash)

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