Blake Lively Bikini Look in The Shallows: Actress Credits Gluten Free Diet for Post-Baby Weight Loss

Photo: Blake Lively looks incredibly toned as she leaves the Crosby Hotel after a full day of doing press for The Shallows. 06/22/2016. Credit: Luis Yllanes / Splash News.

Blake Lively looked stunning in a bikini in her recent hit movie, The Shallows. No surprise there. What is surprising is that the Hollywood actress gave birth just eight months prior to starring in the role.

Blake Lively in The Shallows spends almost the entire movie clad in a bikini, while performing various stunts that involve swimming, climbing, surfing, and other feats that require great fitness finesse.

What was her secret? Lively used a combination of diet and exercise to achieve her stunning post-pregnancy figure.

Blake Lively

Photo: Blake Lively looks incredibly toned as she leaves the Crosby Hotel after a full day of doing press for The Shallows. 06/22/2016. Credit: Luis Yllanes / Splash News.

How Blake Lively Maintained Her Body after Pregnancy

Blake Lively’s weight is typically lower than that of the average woman’s—which is shocking considering the actress gave birth to her first child not too long ago (she is now pregnant with her second child, and her weight seems just about right).

Blake Lively’s post-baby weight loss after her first pregnancy was actually due to a workout routine and diet plan that she followed. In fact, Lively was working out six days a week and followed a somewhat restrictive but nutritious diet.

Her trainer, Don Saladino, says that Lively took her training very seriously, but that her workouts and diet weren’t too extreme. She didn’t starve herself, nor did she do triple workout sessions.

Blake Lively Diet Plan

Blake Lively didn’t starve herself to lose weight, but she did cut out a lot of unhealthy foods.

In fact, according to Lively, there was “no gluten and no soy” allowed in her diet. She credits her soy and gluten-free diet for helping her eat healthier and burn off lots of weight.

Lively says that when you cut out these two types of food, there are no processed foods left to eat. According to her, most processed foods, including those that are healthy or organic, contain soy. By following this diet, Lively was forced to eat more fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats.

Lively ate a diet that was balanced in carbs, protein, and fat. In particular, she enjoyed eating rice and sushi. Rice contains a lot of carbs, while fish can have healthy fats.

While Lively did eat lots of carbs as part of her diet, she ate slow-burning carbs, like rice, sweet potatoes, and gluten-free oatmeal. These slow-burning carbs gave her energy for workouts without causing crashes.

Blake Lively Fitness Routine

Blake Lively’s body isn’t only achievable through a healthy diet—the actress also worked out extensively to slim down and tone her body.

Lively’s six-day workouts included cardio and weightlifting exercises. Each day, Lively would work out another part of her body, alternating between upper body, lower body, and her arms and shoulders, along with general cardio workouts.

Saladino made sure that Lively could alter her exercises if she wasn’t feeling up to them. When Lively had a day when she felt down, she wouldn’t exercise as much. This helped the new mom keep from burning out or tiring herself out too much.

This approach certainly seems to have worked, judging by the bikini body Blake Lively has in The Shallows. If you want to lose your post-baby weight, consider following Lively’s regular workout routine and gluten free diet.