Blake Lively Heads to Dinner with a Friend in New York

Photo Credit: KCS Presse / Splash News
Blake Lively

Photo Credit: KCS Presse / Splash News

The gorgeously pregnant Blake Lively stepped out for dinner in New York City with a friend recently.

The soon-to-be mom of two looked stunning in blue which managed to completely hide her baby bump.

One can only imagine what the actress had to enjoy on her night out but it likely wasn’t far off from her diet.

How Does Blake Lively Make Room for Pizza and Burgers without Affecting Her Diet?

Many Hollywood actresses stick to a diet. Even though Lively is pregnant, she is still eating well but still manages to make room for burgers. Her first secret to enjoying a burger is to order an Umami burger which consists of a Manly burger (topped with onion rings) and a chili burger. She then cuts them each in half and presses the halves together, to create one burger. The leftovers? Well, those usually get passed on to someone else—husband Ryan Reynolds, maybe?

To keep looking her best throughout her pregnancy, Lively is working with Reynolds’s trainer, Don Saladino. He doesn’t restrict Lively’s calories and allows her to indulge in some of her favorites—pizza and pasta to be exact—a few times a week. He recommends an 80/20 rule: stick to the diet 80 percent of the time, and use the other 20 percent for fun or errors.

If Blake Lively continues following her diet and training, she’ll be back to her pre-baby body in a snap. In the meantime, she continues to enjoy her nights out in New York City.

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