Blake Lively’s Diet for The Shallows: Eggs, Coconut Oil, Gluten Free Oats and Fruits, Says Trainer Don Saladino

Photo Credit: XactpiX / Splash News
Blake Lively

Photo Credit: XactpiX / Splash News

Actress Blake Lively ate a lot of eggs, coconut oil, gluten free oats, and fruits to get in bikini-body shape for her role in The Shallows.

In her recent horror hit, “The Shallows”, Blake Lively has to spend most of the movie in a bikini. Not only is she in a swimsuit for almost the entire time, but her character has to perform a lot of intense physical work, including swimming, climbing, and running.

With the role coming just 10 months after Lively gave birth to her first child, there wasn’t much time for Lively to get in shape. Her husband, Ryan Reynolds, cautioned her that taking on the role would be like “training for a marathon.”

To get in shape, Lively began working with trainer Don Saladino, who helped with her workout and diet. Before the shoot, Lively trained five or six days a week, focusing on strengthening her upper body, lower body, and core. As well, Lively also works up a sweat every single day, frequently using an elliptical machine for even 10-minute sessions.

A healthy diet was also very important in helping Lively stay in shape and giving her energy, particularly during the film shoot for The Shallows, where she was exercising for up to 13 hours each day. Saladino says that Lively doesn’t focus on the amount of calories she eats but rather on the quality and nutrition of her food. Lively eats nutrient-dense, organic, balanced meals throughout the day.

For Lively, starting off her day with the right foods is important. Some of Lively’s most common breakfast meals include eggs cooked in coconut oil, sometimes with fresh vegetables added in. Eggs are a rich source of protein, while coconut oil contains antioxidants, which can help fight inflammation.

Another breakfast that Saladino says Lively eats is gluten-free oats mixed with fruits. She also makes sure to start off her day with a glass of water, which helps her stay hydrated throughout the day.

So if you want to have a bikini body like Blake Lively, load up on nutrient-dense, healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, eggs, gluten-free oats, and coconut oil!

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