Bradley Cooper’s Partner Irina Shayk Credits Organic Diet and Pilates Workouts for Bikini Body

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Irina Shayk

Photo Credit: Splash News

Bradley Cooper’s partner Irina Shayk is a famous model who is known for her bikini photoshoots, but Irina Shayk’s bikini body is achieved with little more than Pilates workouts and a semi-organic diet to stay in shape. Shayk is also an ambassador for lingerie brand Intimissimi and has made the front cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition.

Irina Shayk

Credit: Splash News

How Does Irina Shayk Keep Her Figure Looking Great?

How does Shayk keep her figure looking great? The truth is, she follows a very simple routine of diet, exercise, and beauty techniques. Shayk avoids extensive dieting. She doesn’t believe in strict diets that limit how much she eats, and says that she eats whatever she wants, choosing to focus more on exercise instead.

In fact, some people may be shocked to learn that Irina Shayk loves chicken nuggets and red meat (including hamburgers), chocolate, and candies. Of course, she doesn’t binge on these unhealthy foods all the time; she has two cheat days a week where she eats these treats.

Her diet includes a lot of chicken, fish, salads, and lentils, as well as foods such as oatmeal and kefir (a natural yogurt drink) for her breakfast. One of the only things she avoids in her diet is coffee and other high-caffeine drinks.

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Shayk prefers organic foods, such as organic coconut oil in a salad (or she’ll even have it plain sometimes). She also uses organic coconut oil topically as well as on her hair. Coconut oil is antifungal, antibacterial, and has anti-inflammatory properties when eaten.

These organic health food benefits help Shayk stay healthy, but she isn’t as strict as most other models. Does Irina Shayk prefer organic pizza over less healthy options?

Judging from the photos on her Instagram account, she eats plenty of cheesy, regular pizza dishes. And she gets away with eating unhealthy foods through intense exercise, including Pilates, cycling, boxing, and jogging. She shies away from exercises such as weightlifting or body-weight exercises.

To keep her figure, avoids putting on too much muscle, and instead focuses on cardio and other types of exercise that get her heart rate up.

She usually works out at the gym for an hour each day, sometimes finishing that off with jogging. She finds that boxing is one of the best workouts for her, as not only does it help her work up a sweat, but it also allows her to burn off anger and stress.

So if you want to have a bikini body like Irina Shayk’s, you don’t have to get too extreme. Focus on eating more organic foods and doing regular Pilates workouts—it may be enough to help get you in shape!

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