Britney Spears Did It Again: Hot Bod through High-Fiber Foods Diet and Hip Hop Workout

Britney Spears
Photo Credit: London Entertainment/Splash News

Britney Spears is on fire these days! The mom of two has her hot body back after tons of hard work and her new album Glory was just released on Aug. 26. I’m sure you’re wondering – how did she do it?

Britney Spears followed a high-fiber diet and hip-hop workout to get her famous abs and tight body back – and she has no reservations in showing it off!

The Britney Spears Diet

Britney Spears is back – really back. Fans worldwide wondered if they’d ever experience their beloved “Brit Brit” again after her public meltdown and tumultuous past. Who can forget when Britney shaved her head or struck a paparazzi’s vehicle with an umbrella?

Britney Spears

Photo Credit: London Entertainment/Splash News

Hey – we all have our days, and it can’t be easy for someone as sweet as Britney to constantly come up against nasty media and critics. But that is officially behind her – Spears has moved on and forward with perseverance and for that, she deserves respect. So what did Britney do?

Britney’s food choices haven’t always been the healthiest. She publicly shared that she loves her junk food and sometimes fast food, too. Some things have changed, though. To achieve her comeback body, Spears sticks to a strict diet of 1,500 calories per day.

Her diet also focuses on balanced meals containing lean protein and high-fiber foods, especially vegetables. Here is a look at what Britney Spears might eat in a day:

Breakfast: Spears might have some oatmeal with fresh fruit and whole wheat toast, or an egg white omelette.

Lunch: It’s all about a protein-packed salad. Spears might eat a baby green mixed salad topped with grilled salmon or chicken.

Dinner: More protein – grilled chicken or pork with steamed veggies.

Throughout the day, Spears drinks tons of water to keep her hydrated. Sometimes she might have a fruit smoothie made with real fruits. She also snacks on high-protein snacks like soy chips, walnuts, almonds or low-fat yogurt with granola and fruit.

The Britney Spears Workout

With the help of celebrity trainer Tony Martinez, Spears has been able to firm, tone and prepare her body for performing at her live Vegas show, Britney: Piece of Me. Martinez says Britney does 40-minute workouts, three to four times per week.

Some of her favorite exercises include core work (which is pretty obvious since she’s always worked hard for her abs), high-intensity interval training, and tons of cardio and strength training. Sometimes she will hit Drenched Fitness in L.A. and loves their toughest workouts that might include pull-ups and crunches, plus light weight lifting.

Another part of the Britney Spears workout: dancing. Although workouts with her trainer might be 40 minutes long, she also does a lot of choreography practice for her shows. She might do up to two hours of hip hop-style choreography, which is excellent for toning one’s entire body.

The Britney Spears comeback body is finally here, and we love every minute of it. If you want to make a body comeback like Spears – limit your calorie intake and do plenty of cardio and strength training. Dare I say, “Oops…she did it again!”

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