Cameron Diaz Shares Protein-Rich Breakfast Routine

Cameron Diaz
Credit: Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer / Getty

Cameron Diaz is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars, but the actress uses a very simple diet that focuses on a healthy breakfast to maintain her health and figure.

While Cameron Diaz is primarily known for her leading roles in movies, the actress is now focusing some of her efforts on health, nutrition, and the science of anti-aging.

She has released a book, called “The Longevity Book,” which explores how we can use diet and exercise to stay healthy and looking young.

Surprisingly, Diaz doesn’t use any extreme diets or techniques to keep in shape. Rather, Diaz focuses on improving the nutrition of her meals and eating healthier foods.

She believes that simple changes to your diet can keep you healthy and in shape.


Cameron Diaz promotes her new book 'The Longevity Book'

Cameron Diaz promotes her new book ‘The Longevity Book’ at the 92Y in NYC. Credit: Splash News.

For Diaz, this means beginning her day with a protein-rich morning breakfast made up of a variety of healthy foods. She says she’s a “protein girl in the morning.” In fact, Diaz eats two breakfasts in the morning, as she believes it’s important to start your day off with plenty of protein-rich foods that give you energy for the rest of the day.

During her first breakfast, Diaz eats scrambled eggs, toast, almond butter, avocado, apple, and oats, as well as sometimes having a small piece of chicken. Eggs, almond butter, and chicken are all rich sources of protein.

Then, Diaz works out, after which she enjoys a second protein-rich breakfast. Her second breakfast usually includes chicken, grains, and vegetables. Eating protein after workouts helps with muscle repair.

However, Diaz doesn’t just focus on diet when it comes to improving her health. She believes that getting exercise, the right amount of sleep, and reducing stress are all important for staying healthy as you age. Diaz is physically activity every day, which helps her lose weight and keeps her lean figure.

So if you want to improve your health, eating less isn’t always the answer. Eating healthier, protein-rich foods and staying active can keep you in shape and looking great.

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