Canadian Thanksgiving 2016: Food, Menu Ideas, Recipes, Fun, and Much More!

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Canadian Thanksgiving 2016 is just around the corner, so you know what that means: Dinner, dishes, Thanksgiving food and of course planning the perfect Thanksgiving menu.

Although the holiday season is meant to be enjoyed, it definitely brings with it a level of stress—but don’t let picking the right recipe add to that. Instead, read on and find some delicious and easy Thanksgiving recipes to share with your friends and family below.

Thanksgiving Food and Menu ideas

When it comes to a Thanksgiving meal it all begins with the turkey, but serving up the best turkey begins with the prep work. First and foremost, always leave the turkey in the packaging and never thaw it at room temperature.

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Thawing: There are two main ways to thaw a turkey: Refrigerator or cold water. Place the turkey in the refrigerator in a large tray allowing it to defrost for five hours per pound of the turkey. For cold water thawing, place the turkey in a large container or sink and cover it with cold water. Allow for one hour of thawing time for every pound of the turkey. Change the water at least once every hour.

Cooking: Now that your turkey is thawed it’s all about cooking it. To roast your perfect turkey, remove the wrapping, giblets, and neck. Pat the turkey dry inside and out. Whether you make your own signature stuffing or buy a bird already stuffed, ensure you flavor it well according to your preferences. Nice herbs to dress a turkey include rosemary, thyme, or sage.

Cooking time is based on the recommendations on the package. Cooking time varies depending on the weight of the bird. Keep in mind this can take several hours, so you may have to wake up fairly early to get the turkey in the oven.

Sides: Now that you’re turkey is taken care of, you need some sides to pair with it. For a veggie side, why not try maple-roasted carrots? This easy recipe only requires some baby carrots, pure maple syrup, pure olive oil, bourbon, cayenne pepper, and salt.

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Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and spread out the carrots to a single layer on a heavy-duty baking sheet. Combine 1/3 cup of maple syrup, ¼ cup of olive oil, and 3 tablespoons of bourbon (this is an optional ingredient,). Drizzle the mixture over the carrots with some cayenne pepper and salt and use tongs or your hands to evenly coat the carrots.

Roast the carrots for 15 minutes, toss them, and allow them to cook until they become tender when pierced with a fork—this will be roughly 20 minutes.

Transfer the carrots to a dish, and they are ready to serve alongside your turkey!

There are so many festive recipes you can put together to satisfy your guests this Canadian Thanksgiving; the hard part is simply choosing.


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