Can’t Cook Thanksgiving Dinner? Martha Stewart, Bob Evans & Del Frisco’s Provide You Delicious Food Options

Can't Cook Thanksgiving Dinner? Martha Stewart, Bob Evans & Del Frisco's Provide You Delicious Food Options
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You don’t have to be a culinary chef in order to pull off a great Thanksgiving dinner. Although preparing such a large meal can be a daunting task, we’re here to provide you with great and easy recipes along with Thanksgiving dinner options from Martha Stewart, Bob Evans, and Del Frisco’s that can help you with your Thanksgiving meal.

Whether you’re looking for a Thanksgiving turkey, Thanksgiving box, or family meals, the below options will take out the stress of a Thanksgiving dinner and have you enjoying time with friends and family rather than staying in the kitchen cooking.

Thanksgiving Food Options

If there’s a Bob Evan’s near where you live, you can enjoy a three-course meal which includes turkey, ham or pork, three sides, and endless bread and dessert for only $14.99! (Kids are $6.99).

The famous steakhouse Del Frisco’s is offering a more formal Thanksgiving dinner which includes a three-course meal of a Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings along with dessert. The price is $95, but you also have the option of a pretty delicious steak.

If you still want to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner at home, then head over to Cracker Barrel, which is offering their Thanksgiving food to-go. The meal feeds up to 10 people and goes for $99.

If you still want to prepare the meal at home but don’t have the time to run around and get all the ingredients, then getting a Thanksgiving box may be a good option for you. At-home cooking boxes are all the rage now, where you will get delivered a box with the ingredients and instructions on how to prepare the meal. Two really good Thanksgiving-themed meal boxes are from Martha Stewart along with the vegan-themed meal delivery service, Purple Carrot.

Stewart’s Thanksgiving box goes for $179 and includes a turkey, three sides, and a pie. If you don’t need the turkey, you can opt for the turkey-less box which goes for $119. Blue Apron also has a Thanksgiving box that feeds a family of four with a turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, Lacinato kale, along with wine pairing suggestions to quench your guests thirst.

If organic food is your style, then why not opt for Blue Apron’s cousin—PeachDish. For $160, you will receive an organic prairie turkey and ingredients for five side dishes.

Lastly, who says you have to slave away in the kitchen all day for every dish served this Thanksgiving? Reach out to your guests and suggest a potluck, this way everyone comes with their own specialty dish.

Instead of worrying about Thanksgiving dinner, utilizing some of these options can make meal-planning much easier.



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