Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban Touring Together: Country Singer Looks Fit and Adorable, Fitness Secrets Revealed

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban are touring together and are currently in New Zealand. It was the first time the stars have come together for a concert in New Zealand where they performed “The Fighter” live.

The country singer hit the stage with Urban on December 3 in Wellington, New Zealand and she was seen dancing along and mouthing to the words. She looks as excited as the audience as seen in these posts on her Instagram.

First show ever in New Zealand! Such an amazing crowd! Thank you guys so much!!! #KeithCarrieNZ #ripcordworldtour

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Talking about her fitness secrets, she tells US Weekly, “I haven’t weighed myself in a long time. It’s more about being able to go out on stage and feel good.”

Carrie Underwood’s Fitness Secrets

Underwood works out to sustain herself throughout her busy schedule. Despite being busy with the hectic schedule, she gives topmost priority to her health. She works out six days a week for 90-minute sessions with her trainer, Eve Overland. She loves high intensity interval training (HIIT) and includes running, weight lifting and squat-focused workouts in her routine. For toning her legs she does weighted sumo squats, Bulgarian split squats, and tuck jump burpees.

The sumo squats requires standing with legs spread out wider than the shoulders and a dumbbell in each hand. Then lower into a deep squat and do four sets of 10 to 12 reps.

The split squats requires the use of hand weights and a bench to do squats on one leg. She does three sets of 10 reps per leg.

For the burpees, she adds a tuck jump at the top of every burpee, does four to eight sets for 40 seconds while resting for 20 seconds.

She also does kickboxing, cycling, and runs on the treadmill which also helps her stay in shape.

Carrie Underwood’s Diet While Touring

Underwood is so keen about eating healthy because if she doesn’t, she feels awful afterwards. The fitness freak even maintains a food log to record her consumption during the day. Being a vegan, she eats soy-based sausages. She also relies on soy products and beans for her protein requirements.

Junk and processed foods are not on her diet list and she eats fresh fruits and green veggies and stocks them up in her kitchen. She keeps researching about the nutrients in food items and knows how to eat right. Even if she is traveling, she has her own fridge which is stocked with healthy foods.

A Quick Look at Her Diet Plan:

Breakfast is the biggest meal of the day. She prefers to have breakfast potatoes, steel-cut oats with a little maple syrup and berries, and toast with Earth Balance vegan butter. Her lunch includes wholesome foods like quinoa or brown rice with vegetables and tofu. Her dinner consists of proteins and fresh veggies.

Getting a bikini body like Carrie Underwood seems easy looking at her diet and workout routine. So when are you starting?



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