Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain Stun at CMT: Country Singers Stay in Shape with Vegan Diet

Carrie Underwood Shania Twain
Photo credit: Rick Diamond / Staff

Country singers Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain both looked stunning at the CMT Artist of the Year event in Nashville, Tennessee on October 18. These singers are both so beautiful and incredibly fit, and we have the scoop on their fitness regimens below.

Carrie Underwood’s Diet and Workout

Carrie Underwood sticks to a predominantly natural and vegetarian diet. Although she was born into a family with a cattle ranch, her ethical beliefs stopped her from eating meat. She tries to cook her own food to avoid excess fat, sugar, and preservatives. She also avoids eating out as much as possible, and stocks her own fridge when she’s on tour. This helps her keep track of the amount of calories she eats, ensuring she doesn’t overdo it.

Underwood writes down everything she eats, essentially keeping a food journal. This is a great way to keep her accountable because when she makes poor food choices, she knows she can make up for it the next day by making better ones. It also helps her look at what her diet is like regularly and is a good tip for anyone hoping to shed a few pounds.

Underwood eats small meals throughout the day, and the most important meal for her is breakfast. She usually eats an English muffin or some cereal. For lunch, she might eat a veggie burger or beans with some greens or a salad. Some of her favorite vegetables are spinach and tomatoes. Dinner might look the same, mixing a protein and carb together.

She avoids pizza and pasta because the carbs are much too high. She craves sweets and carbs a lot, so to manage her cravings, the blonde bombshell opts for 100-calorie snack packs, like Kashi cereal or Healthy Choice ice cream sandwiches.

Her fitness regimen includes a variety of different exercises, but what’s really gotten her fit is her commitment. Underwood doesn’t take days off; she doesn’t skip workouts, even when she’s on tour. She also works with a personal trainer. Some things that are a part of her workout include leg circuits, Tabata, running or jogging for cardio, and bodyweight workouts—she also likes boxing.

Shania Twain Diet and Workout Routine

Stunning country singer Shania Twain is a true Canadian sweetheart. She’s also quite the bombshell at age 51, and she looks like she could be in her twenties. So, how does she stay in shape? Well, Twain has been following the same low-carb vegetarian diet for over twenty years. She claims that her plant-based diet has given her tons more energy and stamina, as well as contributing to her weight loss. It also has lots of anti-aging benefits.

Twain consumes few processed foods—she opts for foods that are close to nature, making them easier for the body to digest and use for fuel. Eating this way has been proven to help prevent disease and chronic illness. Vegetarian diets are also packed with antioxidants and guard against free radicals.

Shania Twain also exercises regularly and loves to do Pilates, yoga, horseback riding, and dancing.

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