Carrie Underwood Shares Bikini Body Anniversary Pics While on Vacation With Mike Fisher, Credits Vegan Diet for Hot Bod

Carrie Underwood
Photo Credit: Splash News
Carrie Underwood

Photo Credit: Splash News

Carrie Underwood recently shared a picture of her bikini body while on an anniversary vacation with husband Mike Fisher.

They enjoyed time on a boat and ate near the ocean; what they ate is unclear, but Underwood follows a vegan diet, so her meal certainly didn’t contain any animals or animal by-products.

Another important part of Underwood’s vegan diet is that she never skips breakfast and makes it her largest meal of the day. She drinks water as soon as she wakes up, even before she begins preparing breakfast, and she also keeps a food journal where she’s been documenting every meal for the last six years (except when she’s on vacation).

Even though she works hard and eats well, she still knows how to treat herself; sometimes she ends her day by winding down with glass of wine, or sometimes she’ll indulge in a little dark chocolate as a late afternoon snack.

Aside from diet, Carrie Underwood also accredits her figure to spending at least six days a week in the gym. Underwood uses a personal trainer and her typical workout lasts 90 minutes. Her workouts consist of high-intensity interval training, running, weightlifting, and several types of squats. The three main exercises recommended by her trainer are Bulgarian split squats, weighted sumo squats, and tuck-jump burpees; it takes a lot of work to get a bikini body. Perhaps Mike Fisher joins her in some of her workouts—after all, you have to be in shape to play hockey, too.

Underwood grew up consuming mainly fried foods, and her diet now is vastly different. Working out as hard as she does, in combination with her healthy eating habits, has given Underwood a rock-solid body—and as a performer, she needs to look and feel her best.

As Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher enter their sixth year of marriage, their love, at least according to Instagram, remains strong. What will also continue is Underwood’s adherence to her vegan diet and her strong workout ethic, both of which will maintain her bikini body for years to come.

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