Carrot Juicing: 15 Benefits of Carrot Juice

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Juicing is a health trend that has stood the test of time, most likely because it is an easy and fast way to supplement your diet with much needed vitamins and minerals.

Carrot juice, especially, is a delicious way to add some nutrition to your daily diet, and enjoying a glass of the orange beverage comes with a wealth of benefits. Read on to discover some of carrot juice’s best health benefits and nutritional information, as well as an easy recipe to make some of the super juice for yourself.

The Nutritional Facts of Carrots and Carrot Juice

Drinking carrot juice can actually be better for you than eating whole carrots! This is because the average glass is made up of approximately three large carrots, while most people are unlikely to eat more that one large carrot in a single sitting.

One cup of carrot juice, or 128 grams, contains 428% of your daily required intake of vitamin A, as well as 21% of your necessary vitamin K and 13% of your daily vitamin C.

A single cup of carrot juice also packs 1.2 grams of protein, 2.6 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids, and 3.6 grams of fiber into just 52.5 calories, making it a great choice whether you are trying to slim down or just add nutrition to your diet. In addition, carrot juice is also a good source of potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, niacin, calcium, and iron.

Carrot Juice Nutrition Facts

Fresh Juiced – Carrot Juice
Servings: 1 Cup
Calories 90 Sodium 90 mg
Total Fat 0 g Potassium 700 mg
Saturated 0 g Total Carbs 15 g
Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber 0 g
Monounsaturated 0 g Sugars 15 g
Trans 0 g Protein 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Vitamin A 1000% Calcium 8%
Vitamin C 40% Iron 0%

15 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

As it is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, carrot juice has many health benefits associated with its consumption. We’ve gathered the top fifteen in a list below.

1. Eye Health

Carrot juice contains over 400% of your daily intake of vitamin A, and it’s a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin as well. One form of vitamin A found within these powerful veggies is beta carotene, which aids in overall eye health and can help prevent or slow the process of vision problems like macular degeneration.

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Lutein and zeaxanthin help prevent ocular disorders that occur as you age like cataracts, meaning that drinking a cup of carrot juice daily is an easy way to maintain your eye health.

2. Decreased Risk of Heart Disease

The high antioxidant content found in carrots and carrot juice can help to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as lower your risk of suffering a stroke. This is especially true for women, for whom heart disease is a leading cause of death.

Drinking carrot juice can also help lower your cholesterol and increase bile production, aiding in the digestion of fats to help your body absorb the nutritional value of the foods you eat and increase your good cholesterol levels.

3. Fights Cancer

Carrots contain an abundance of antioxidants including carotenoids, which may aid in fighting leukemia as well as ovarian and breast cancer. They also help reduce the risk of a previous cancer returning, helping those in remission stay healthy.

4. Oral Health

The abundance of nutrients contained within a cup of carrot juice can help fight bacteria and toxins found within the gums and teeth, while some of the minerals even aid in the prevention of cavities and tooth decay.

5. Brain Health

Carrots are known to help improve memory function and aid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s because they lower oxidative stress, which, if left unchecked, can weaken nerve signalling capacity within the brain.

6. Bone Health

The vitamin K and potassium found in carrots helps with protein building within the body and the binding of calcium, leading to stronger, healthier bones that heal faster if/when they’re broken.

7. Regulates Menses

Believe it or not, carrot juice can even help out during that time of the month. Because it acts as an emenagogue, this super juice can help regulate your cycle and even lessen cramps.

8. Muscle Growth

The mass of vitamin A found in carrot juice can help muscles heal and recover after grueling workouts, making it a great after-gym beverage option if you are looking to add or maintain muscle.

9. Metabolism

Rich in phosphorous and vitamin B complex, carrot juice is also great for increasing your body’s metabolic function. The vitamin B works to break down sugars, fats, and proteins as well as reduces stress and depression, while the phosphorous stimulates your metabolism and can even decrease any pain felt after working out.

10. Increases Energy

Carrots and carrot juice are great sources of iron, which can boost energy levels almost immediately as the mineral works to make sure the correct supply of oxygen reaches your brain, preventing physical and mental weariness.

11. Blood Sugar Levels

Drinking carrot juice is a great way to help manage blood sugar levels for those who suffer from diabetes. The magnesium, manganese, and carotenoids all work to balance blood sugar levels, while the carotenoids specifically target insulin and reduce levels.

12. Cleanses

Raw carrot juice is prefect for cleansing your system as it helps to flush toxins and waste from the intestinal tract as well as indigestible matter from your organs and bloodstream. These cleansing properties also help in the prevention of gout, arthritis, and jaundice.

13. Healthy Skin

Because it is so full of nutrients, carrot juice can help give your skin a healthy glow while fighting acne, leaving you with clear and radiant visage. Even better, the detoxifying properties of the vegetable that help reduce acne can also prevent eczema and dermatitis.

14. Reduces Risk of Sun Damage

Carrot juice can help to protect your skin from the dangers of sun exposure. The Beta-carotenoids found in our favorite orange vegetable act as a natural sun-block and can lessen sunburns and build up your skin’s sun tolerance.

15. Healthier Hair and Nails

Along with fighting dandruff, regular consumption of carrot juice also helps your hair grown longer and stronger while giving it a healthy shine. It also strengthens and hardens nails and prevents them from breaking or peeling.

How to Make Your Own Carrot Juice

You’ve read about the many beneficial properties of carrot juice; now learn how to make a batch in your very own kitchen so you can start reaping the healthy rewards! If you’re new to juicing and don’t have a fancy, high-tech juicer, don’t fret. This recipe calls for just a few ingredients and a good blender.

carrot juice

First, gather 2lbs, or approximately 8 large carrots, and wash them in cold water. You may want to scrub them with a vegetable brush to ensure any dirt is rinsed away thoroughly. Once they’re clean, chop the carrots into smaller pieces between 1-2 inches.

This will help your blender break down the vegetables. Pop the chunks into the blender and puree. If you find the carrots aren’t blending very well, you can add some water to ease the process.

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Next, bring two cups of water to a boil and mix your carrot puree with the hot water in a large glass container. Stir the mix thoroughly to make sure it is even. Allow the puree and water combination to steep for anywhere between 15-30 minutes to improve taste and nutrient content.

Once it’s ready, strain the mixture into a two-liter pitcher using a handheld sieve. You can use a spoon to press down on the pulp in order to extract as much juice as possible.

Enjoy immediately! Your carrot juice will begin to oxidize and lose nutrients right away, so to get the most from your hard work, it’s best to drink it right away. However, if you aren’t able to down 2 liters of it in just one sitting, it can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours.

Juicing is a fast and easy way to add extra nutrients to your diet, and if you’re just starting out, carrot juice is one of the best you can make. With a myriad of health benefits that range from fighting various diseases to getting clear skin, carrots are a simple and delicious choice for your first juice. Try out our easy recipe and enjoy a glass today. Cheers!


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