Celebs Following Boxing Workout: Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Ellie Goulding, Adriana Lima, & Felicity Jones

Demi Lovato
Credit: Jonathan Leibson / Stringer/ Getty

Boxing workouts are terrific for cardio and overall fitness, so it is no surprise that celebs are flocking to boxing gyms and getting in the ring to sweat it up and get in shape. Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Ellie Goulding, Adriana Lima, and Felicity Jones are a handful of stars who have added boxing and kickboxing to their workout routines. Many work with a personal trainer or just on their own with a bag and gloves.

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ Boxing Workout for Tour, Dress Up as Dorothy and Scarecrow for Halloween

The dynamic music duo Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas headlined the 2016 Honda Civic Tour: Future Now and brought some great music to fans. Halloween celebrations brought the “Close” singer Jonas and the “Confident” singer Lovato together again.

The singers worked out to look fit for their Honda Civic Tour. Jonas recently shared a video of his boxing workout with Lovato on Instagram.

Lovato is dedicated to her fitness and workouts. She has even hired personal trainer, Joey Rubino, to help her maintain her fitness level. She shared in the August 2012 issue of Self magazine that she works out five to six days a week not to lose weight, but for her peace of mind.

To maintain her fitness, she runs, bikes, practices yoga, and boxes. Her workout regimen includes cardio workouts and strength training. The strength training comprises of lunges, squats, pushups, pull ups, and crunches.

Ellie Goulding Instagrams Her Kickboxing Workout Video: The “Love Me Like You Do” Singer Takes Fitness Seriously

Singer Ellie Goulding, whose song “Love Me Like You Do” was a global success and is her most successful single to date, has been ramping up her fitness routine over the past couple of years. She posted a kickboxing workout video a few days ago on her Instagram account and by the looks of it, the British songwriter and actress is athletic and has some power in her kicks.

Goulding, 29, hasn’t always been this thin and in peak physical condition. She says that before starting her intense fitness regimen, she had a flat butt that did not have much shape and she even lacked confidence to leave her apartment. She also attributes eating a vegan diet to her new shape and ability to keep weight off. Before her lifestyle overhaul, she indulged in processed and fast foods and did not lead a healthy lifestyle overall.

Adriana Lima Flaunts Her Abs during Boxing Workout, Victoria’s Secret Model Follows Healthy Lifestyle for Slim Body

Looking at her well-maintained physique and toned body, it is hard to believe that Adriana Lima is a mother of two. Her slim body and strong abs are the result of more than ten years of training with Michael Olajide, Jr. Boxing is the biggest passion for Lima, and her trainer trains her as if she were a real boxer.

The Victoria’s Secret model follows a healthy lifestyle along with intense boxing workouts. Lima, 35, says that getting a tight backside is all about doing power squats, burpees, and running. To target the glutes, squats are a great workout. It is a full-body workout, which can definitely help tone your butt.

Her boxing workouts begin with five to ten minutes of exercises to sharpen her mental concentration. She does jumping jacks and shadowboxing.

Felicity Jones Seems Fit for Action in Rogue One: Boxing and Lean Protein Diet Helped

Felicity Jones is set to appear in Star Wars: Rogue One which will be released this December. To stay fit and strong Jones practices boxing, enjoys swimming and yoga, and eats a lean protein diet. Read on to find out more about Jones’ diet and workout plan.

Even though Jones’ career is picking up, meaning she is much busier, she still doesn’t forget to eat right and exercise. For having a small frame, Jones is quite strong and has plenty of energy in order to get through a filming day.

From the start of her day, Jones makes sure she eats breakfast which is packed with nutritious foods whether it be an omelet, oats, or bread, with tea or fruit juice. From there, she sticks with a lean protein diet such as chicken or fish, along with fruits and vegetables. For dinner she tends to have more chicken and fish, alongside a soup.

Boxing is a superior workout because it not only provides fantastic cardio benefits by raising the heart rate and keeping it elevated, but it also works the core muscles—especially the abdominals, obliques, and upper body—and helps with hand eye coordination. As Adriana Lima said in her Instagram post in the above article, “There are no breaks for winners.”

Find a boxing gym near you, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Many gyms offer one-on-one classes or group boxing classes that incorporate bag work into boot camp-style workouts. Either choice is an amazing exercise routine that is sure to get the heart pumping and body sweating.