Chelsea Houska Pregnancy Fitness: “Teen Mom 2” Star Follows Regular Workout to Stay Fit during Pregnancy

Chelsea Houska Pregnancy Fitness: “Teen Mom 2” Star Follows Regular Workout to Stay Fit during Pregnancy
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Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2 is looking great during her pregnancy. She shared photos of her baby bump on social media, and it seems that everyone wants to get in on her belly action (her pet pig, Pete, and husband, Cole DeBoer, were seen snuggling up to it), which tells us that she’s getting lots of love during this time. Let’s find out how this star tends to her fitness with a regular workout and diet.

Pete snuggling little baby ? (my belly button looks extra weird from when I had it pierced?)

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Chelsea Houska Diet and Workout

Chelsea Houska has a lot to be happy about right now. She recently married her sweetheart, Cole DeBoer, and is already a mommy to her daughter, Aubree (who is seven), plus she has another baby on the way. While the gender of the baby is being kept under wraps, that hasn’t stopped fans from taking a guess at it. Many speculate that she is having a boy with DeBoer (it’s their first child together) but only time will tell! The 25-year-old is currently in her second trimester and seems to be really excited to meet her bundle of joy judging by her social media posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Mama deer BUMP update! Almost #25weeks ? bump is growing a lot faster and bigger than it did with Aubree!

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So how does she stay fit? Well, Houska is definitely not a stranger to trying out different healthy lifestyle changes or diets to improve her health. Back in 2015, she shared with fans on Twitter that she was starting the Whole30 diet. The Whole30 diet is an extensive diet and is pretty structured, so it is not advised for those who can’t really follow a plan. It involves eating a lot of whole foods (which is really the basis of any good diet). Some of the foods include fresh veggies, fruit, lean protein, eggs, good fats from nuts and seeds, as well as alternative oils like coconut, olive, and avocados.

The diet also emphasizes unprocessed foods and those with very few or no ingredients as they are the most natural and most nutrient-dense. It also emphasizes an avoidance of added sugar. It’s no secret that added sugar is not good for anyone. Excess sugar causes chronic illness and diabetes, and it is converted into fat by the liver.

Although Houska’s pregnancy diet is unknown, it’s not a stretch to assume that since she usually strives for good health, she is probably continuing to do so now. She could be sticking to healthy eating and possibly also indulging in some of her favorite cheat foods.

Is she working out during her pregnancy? That is not known for sure. However, prior to her wedding this year, Houska was working out with her friend. The two would do a lot of cardio together, going for walks and jogging. It’s not known if she does other forms of cardio like treadmill workouts, Pilates, or yoga. She is probably keeping her fitness regimen relaxed and light during her pregnancy.

Prior to becoming pregnant with her second child, Houska achieved weight loss through diet and exercise, so she may resort back to a consistent regimen post-pregnancy. She may even get back to the gym, likely after she enjoys some quality time with her newborn. Whatever she has done in the past was wonderful as she looked great. Even now, Chelsea Houska looks happy and healthy. Her baby is due in February of 2017.


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