Christmas 2016: Cook Turkey Breast in Different Ways

Christmas 2016: Cook Turkey Breast in Different Ways
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If you’re thinking of cooking and serving your guests turkey breast this Christmas 2016, then you’ll want to know the many different ways to cook it. Turkey breast pairs nicely with some creamy mashed potatoes and can be served for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner. Whenever you’re planning on enjoying turkey breast, we have some delicious recipes to help make preparation a bit easier.

Turkey Breast Recipes

Here is a simple recipe to serve up delicious and juicy turkey breast for Christmas. What you will need is two turkey breasts, olive oil as needed, fresh herbs, a few tablespoons of salt, and some sugar and butter as needed.

Using a Joule, a cooking device that can be controlled through a smartphone app, heat to 131 degrees F. In the meantime, with a pot on medium heat, pour in some oil and allow it to become extremely hot. To test the heat, flick some water in the oil and watch it sizzle.

Add the turkey breast to a pan and, using a towel, press down on the breast and gently rotate it around. Do this for a minute or so, or until the skin is golden brown. Remove the breast from the pan and complete the same step with the second breast.

In a bowl, combine five parts salt and two parts sugar and stir together. Sprinkle your salt and sugar mixture over your turkey breasts and place them in a bag. Add in some oil and some sage, thyme, or other herbs you desire.

Drop the bagged turkey into the pot with the Joule and cover with a high-quality plastic wrap or lid. It will take approximately eight hours for your turkey to become perfectly cooked. Believe it or not, the longer your cook it, the more tender the breasts will be.  Keep this in mind when it comes to cooking and serving time.

Roughly 20 minutes prior to serving, transfer the breasts from the bag onto a plate and pat dry them.

Heat up a pan with some oil, and when the oil is hot, add in some butter to melt and place the breast in the mixture skin down. Baste the exposed side of the breasts using a spoon to cover it with the oil and butter mixture. Sear the breasts for a few minutes and, once ready, remove from the pan and cute it up as it is ready to serve.

Don’t forget turkey breast goes nicely with mashed potatoes, so you will also want to boil some potatoes, mash them up, and add some delicious herbs and butter to keep them moist.

Your friends and family will love this simple recipe as it has just enough seasoning to make the turkey breast flavorful.


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