Christmas 2016: Papa John’s Christmas Hours and Offers

Christmas 2016: Papa John’s Christmas Hours and Offers
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If you’re looking for a cheap snack for Christmas 2016, you might want to call up your local Papa John’s Pizza store. Christmas hours and timings will vary from store to store, however, so you might want to have a backup plan just in case the pizza pies don’t pan out.

40% off through Christmas Day

By ordering online and using the promo code “HOLIDAY40,” you can get 40% off your pizza order between now and Christmas Day—something that should not only get your mouth watering, but leave your wallet feeling pretty full, too. These are exactly the kinds of Christmas offers most people need these days, so if you’re in the mood for a cheap meal, Papa John’s can help.

The Best Christmas Pizza I Ever Had

Three years ago there was a terrible snow and ice storm in my city and it fell right over the Christmas holiday. My community in particular was hit pretty hard, with the power being restored on the street nearly three days later. It ruined our Christmas dinner and all the food people had made. But we didn’t let that get us down, oh no. Instead, we picked up the phone and called the closest pizza parlor with power.

When the delivery man arrived with a couple of hot, fresh pizzas, the family was ecstatic. I can still remember the taste and texture of the melted, slightly crisped mozzarella, the sweetness of the tropical pineapple juxtaposed against the salty ham. Mmmmm. We ate it by the fire, then had a few drinks as we sat reminiscing about the past. It was a great evening and the pizza tied it all together.

Anyway, that pizza goes down as the most memorable one I’ve ever eaten and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My family still refers to it as “The Christmas Miracle.”

Is Papa John Father Christmas?

With some great savings, it sure looks like Papa John could give Santa a run for his money!

So what kind of savings will the 40% off holiday special net you? Well, a breakdown from Brand Eating looks like this:

  • Large cheese pizza for $9.00
  • One-topping pan pizza (medium only) for $9.30
  • Large one-topping pizza: $10.05
  • Large two-topping pizza: $11.10
  • Extra-large one-topping pizza: $11.40
  • Large specialty pizza: $11.40

So these deals look pretty good, but pizza deals always do. Those of you experienced in pizza ordering have likely wised up to the fact that pizza is virtually always the same price, it’s just marketed as a different deal. Still, though, pizza is always a cheap, reliable, and easy meal to help you get through the holiday season. Enjoy responsibly.



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