Christmas Eve Dinner: 10 Most Beautiful Restaurants Open in NYC to Mark the Beginning of This Holiday Season

Christmas Eve Dinner Restaurants

Christmas is one of the most blissful times of the year with of the joy of sharing, spending time with family and friends, as well as enjoying delicious meals. While most families love to get together and get in some quality bonding time over home cooked meals, others prefer a fancy Christmas Eve dinner at a great restaurant.

New York City boasts countless restaurants, most of which have special menus for the holiday season. Among the many restaurants open in NYC serving Christmas Eve dinner, here is our pick on 10 of our favorite ones.

Dirty French

The bistro is offering a $95.00 set meal for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This modern French bistro is the brainchild of Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick. Appetizers for the big day include tuna tartare, roasted beets with roquefort, and grilled oysters drenched in garlic and parsley. For the mains, options of brook trout, hanger steak and scallops are available.

Cherche Midi 

James Beard Award-winning restaurateur, Chef Keith McNally’s Cherche Midi, will be all geared up to serve some mind-blowing Christmas specials this year. New additions to the menu are scallop crudo, duck consommé, roasted goose and a traditional Yule log will be served along with bestsellers like the Black Label burger. McNally’s other restaurant, Balthazar, will also be featuring a prime rib special for Christmas.


The Chinese-New American restaurant by Chef Thomas Chen will be serving a range of attractive dishes like uni shu mai, stuffed quail with squash and cranberry jus, and cured pork bouillabaisse. Dessert features a mousse tart with quince and candied chestnuts.


Featuring two menus, Narcissa by Chef John Fraser, will be serving a $79.00 meal option featuring specials like pork belly, roast chicken with cranberries, and carrots Wellington. The second meal for $125.00 involves a larger spread of dishes.

Le Coq Rico

Chef Antoine Westermann’s beautiful Paris-themed restaurant will be serving a stunning $95.00 menu featuring oysters baked in truffle sauce, frog leg soup, roasted heritage goose, and chestnut ice cream Yule log for dessert.

The NoMad Restaurant

The restaurant is open on Christmas Eve and will have Chef Daniel Humm’s special chicken for two (a stuffed chicken preparation) along with Pastry Chef Mark Welker’s milk and honey dessert. In addition, the restaurant will also be featuring its regular menu.


The Roman-style pizzeria by Danny Meyer will be open all day for Christmas breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests can choose from Chef Nick Anderer’s classic dishes of thin-crusted pies such as potato carbonara, funghi, and puttanesca.

The Breslin

Michelin Star Chef, April Bloomfield, will be serving a traditional Christmas meal of Christmas roast (dry-aged beef), Yorkshire pudding, and pear parfait with cranberries, and Linzer Sables.

Benoit Bistro

Chef Alain Ducasse’s midtown bistro will feature an $85.00 three course meal with tuna tartare, seared foie gras, roasted venison, lobster clam chowder, and Bûche de Noël for dessert.


Beef tartare with white truffle, roasted duck with foie gras and white truffle fettuccine will feature on this NYC restaurant’s Christmas Eve dinner, crafted by Chef Marc Murphy.



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