Claire Danes Looks Super Fit in “Homeland” Season 6 Trailer: “Stardust” Star Does Cardio to Stay in Shape

Homeland Season 6 Cast
Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Staff/Getty

Homeland season 6 star, Claire Danes, looks stunning and super fit in the teaser trailer released by Showtime. Danes plays the role of Carrie Anne Mathison, a CIA officer, in the popular drama/thriller series.

Homeland is set to air on Sunday, January 15 at 9:00 p.m. and there is already a lot of excitement with the release of the teaser trailer. Here is a sneak peek of the trailer on YouTube:

The Stardust star also shared a pic on Instagram with the caption, “Official picture of Claire as Carrie in Homelands Season 6. Have you seen the new teaser trailer of Season 6 yet?”

The 37-year-old actress has always been in great shape. How does she manage to stay athletic? It is believed that she includes cardio in her workouts to stay fit. Let us find out more about the stunning actress.

Claire Danes Workout Routine

Danes started her acting career when she was 13 years-old. She has always looked super fit and has maintained her figure. The actress always manages to find time for her fitness regimen, even after giving birth to her son, Cyrus. She is dedicated to her workouts and the results are encouraging.

She does cardio exercises three days a week such as jogging, running, hiking, and swimming. She also loves dancing, which is a fun way to workout without getting bored and also helps in building muscles. In an interview with Shape she shared, “I exercise more for mental relaxation than anything else,” and added, “Some of my happiest moments have been dancing. Right now, I’m really into Jamaican jams and Caribbean soul.”

Danes works out under the supervision of her personal trainer, Joe Dowdell. She does high-intensity circuit training (HIIT) very often. Circuit training helps to strengthen muscles and builds strength. A few basic rules can help while doing circuit training: avoid repeating the same exercises while doing circuit of exercises, work on various body parts (not just focusing on one body part), check the number of repetitions, and progressively increase them.

Claire Danes Diet Plan

Danes likes to follow a healthy diet regime. The actress does not believe in extreme diets and instead prefers to indulge in mindful eating. She likes to have many small meals in a day. She confesses her preference for vegan and organic foods, and likes to balance her meals with fiber and vital nutrients.

She likes to eat in moderation, and adds “I try to eat sensibly. I cheat, but for the most part I eat in a clean way.” She understands the importance of a full night’s sleep, keeping hydrated (especially when she has crying scenes), and staying fit. These three basic rules she claims have a bigger effect on her outer beauty than skincare products.

A typical diet would include a breakfast that consists of blueberries, granola, and strawberries (dunked in low fat yogurt). Lunch would comprise of fresh fruits, avocados, vegetables, grapefruit, acorn, butter lettuce, and squash. Her dinner would be light and may include chicken, roasted apples, and steamed potatoes.

Claire Danes has a good insight on her workout regime and diet in order to stay super fit and always looking stunning.



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