Collateral Beauty Star Keira Knightley’s Diet Includes Lots of Pasta, Less Junk Food

Photo credit: Robert O'neil/Splash News
Keira Knightley

Photo credit: Robert O’neil/Splash News

British actress Keira Knightley stars with Will Smith in the upcoming drama Collateral Beauty, out in theaters this December.

Knightley earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her role in Pride & Prejudice and was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Atonement. She also starred in the holiday classic Love Actually and the romantic drama Last Night. Her career has landed her in some memorable movies, portraying unforgettable characters.

The actress has always been very slight with a slim body and has even been accused of being anorexic by the media, which is simply unfounded gossip. She claims to have her father’s slender frame, and it has been reported that she would like to gain weight but cannot. Some people truly can’t gain weight no matter what they eat, nor what diet they follow; it’s just how their metabolism was built.

Keira Knightley’s Eating Plan

Knightley’s mom calls her daughter a huge foodie, alleging that the 31-year-old adores foods and eats whatever she wants, really. However, she prefers to consume six small meals a day and uses portion control at meal times. She eats nutritious foods whenever she feels hungry, yet allows herself to indulge when she feels like it.

When it comes to her diet, she doesn’t typically eat junk food- except for ice cream and chocolate. Of growing up, she previously told Cosmopolitan that her mom always kept “pretty healthy food in the house,” so her good eating habits were impressed upon her at a young age.

This is great because we really do learn by example and continue on with what we know once we step out our own. Knightley said her family follows a healthy diet, eating fresh, good food that doesn’t have any bad-for-you ingredients in it.

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She said she does tend to eat a lot of pasta but that she’s sensible about it (so no one-pound containers of pasta for this actress). Eating sensibly and following a portion-controlled approach to food is her philosophy. Following “any of those crazy diets” is not for her at all.

In an interview with Perez Hilton, she said that the thought of a diet made her want chips and ice cream. She added that she hates going to the gym and that the most exercise she gets is “turning on the TV.” She must have been joking. Or not…

Keira Knightley’s Workout Routine

Knightley reportedly hates the gym, for real. The monotony of the equipment and exercises bores her. She did join a gym once and says the environment was nice, but she just sat around watching everyone else working out while she drank the free cucumber water. She concluded that it was quite an expensive way to drink “water with stuff in it.”

She did hire a personal trainer, though, who she says “cracked a whip” and shouted at her a lot (not surprisingly, she didn’t like that either). She finds working out quite painful, so she’d rather not do it overall. However, she does manage to do some resistance training, stretching, and swimming. She dedicates three days a week to these workouts.

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