Complete Slow Cooker Temperature Guide for Perfect Cooking

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So, you wanted to try out smart cooking and bought a slow cooker—the smart cooking appliance. But is it still sitting on your kitchen countertop, unused and waiting for its moment to shine? We understand that operating a smart cooking appliance with all its multifunctional buttons can be a little intimidating and complicated. Does setting the temperature on the slow cooker confuse you, especially when you have to do the temperature scale conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit? If yes, then we have a complete Slow Cooker Temperature Guide to help you cook without the agony.

Slow Cooker Temperature Conversions

If the recipe of a dish has the temperature in metric system (in Celsius), then use the chart below to figure out the right temperature on the slow cooker to ensure proper and thorough cooking of your dish.

Degrees Celsius Degrees Fahrenheit
60 140
65 145
70 160
75 165
80 170
85 180
120 250
135 275
150 300
160 325
175 350
190 375
205 400
220 425
230 450
245 475
260 500

It’s easy and simple. Slow cookers are a boon to people who do not like to be on their toes in the kitchen. Slow cookers facilitate unattended cooking of dishes like pot roast, soups, stews, and many more.

How to Use a Slow Cooker

These days, there are many slow cookers available in the market. The temperature control of each slow cooker model varies. You can just put all the necessary ingredients into a slow cooker and simply forget about it for a couple of hours. You can also make beverages, desserts, and dips in this budget-friendly cooker.

What Temperature Is High on Slow Cooker?

Usually, the low setting on a slow cooker is 190 degrees Fahrenheit, while the high setting is 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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