Cristiano Ronaldo Returns after Euro 2016 Final Injury, Trains Hard with Real Madrid for Nike Football Strike Series

Photo credit: Splash News
Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo credit: Splash News

Cristiano Ronaldo, often referred to as the best soccer player in the world, plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. He is the only player to win four European Golden Shoe awards.

Unfortunately, the Real Madrid star suffered a painful knee ligament injury during Portugal’s victorious Euro 2016 final against France.

He is training hard and intends to come back much stronger than before for the next season.

He posted a picture on Instagram depicting his workout after his injury.

Happy for my work still improving???

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Ronaldo’s years of dieting, cardio, and dedication have paid off: he has a fit and chiseled physique.

Ronaldo also stars in Nike Football’s latest film The Switch, where he is seen swapping bodies with a ball boy after a clash of heads.

Ronaldo’s Workout Routine

Ronaldo has training sessions five days a week for three to five hours per day. He also attends weight lifting sessions two to three times a week.

Ronaldo completes three different variations of crunches: v crunches, elbow to knee crunches, and heel taps.

He has squatting sessions every day to enhance flexibility and strength. Press-ups help him strengthen his hand muscles, and enhance stability and balance, which is essential for the game.

His other workouts include bench presses, box jumps, leg raises, push-ups, and lateral pull-downs.

When he’s not working out, he likes to go for a swim and spending time with his family, which helps him reduce stress.

Ronaldo’s Diet Revealed

Ronaldo refrains himself from sugary and fatty junk food. He has a refreshing and fulfilling breakfast of fruits, whole grains, natural juices, or a protein shake.

Athletes tend to wear and tear their muscles during sports, so a good amount of protein is essential for recovery and body building.

Ronaldo has a high protein lunch consisting of chicken, lean meat, and fish—he alternates between various sources of proteins.

To fulfill his body’s additional protein requirements, he also takes protein supplements.

He also includes cheese, brown rice, wheat toast, salads, green vegetables and olives in his lunch, and his favorite drinks include lemon juice, fruit juice, and coffee.

Ronaldo’s dinner comprises of white rice with pulses and chicken, eggs, turkey, lean cuts of beef or pork, whey protein and beans.

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