Cristiano Ronaldo Takes Knee Injury in Stride, Shows off Toned Body During Ibiza Holiday

Photo Credit: Silvia & Sergio / Splash News
Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo Credit: Silvia & Sergio / Splash News

Portuguese soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t letting his knee injury slow him down, vacationing in Ibiza and showing off his toned body on the beach.

Portugal may have recently won the Euro 2016, but Ronaldo was left with more than a trophy. The star received a knee injury during the games and now has to wear a knee brace. Taking his injury in stride, Ronaldo has taken to Ibiza for a vacation.

Ronaldo uploaded an Instagram pic of a lunch with his family, and paparazzi have snapped photos of him on the beach. Despite his injury and inability to exercise, Ronaldo’s toned body is still fully on display.

How does he do it?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

To be one of the best soccer players in the world, Ronaldo follows a strict diet plan and workout routine. The Real Madrid star follows a diet designed to give him the energy he needs and ensure he’s in the best health.

This means that Ronaldo avoid sugary foods, instead opting for vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods that contain a lot of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that can help with exercise recovery.

Ronaldo also eats a lot of protein. His diet contains a lot of lean meats, which are good sources of protein, and he also uses protein shakes and other supplements to up his intake. Protein helps with muscle repair and improving energy.

Ronaldo’s diet gives him the energy he needs to perform on the field and follow his intense workout routine. For Ronaldo, working out daily is key. He does three to four hours of exercise daily, using a combination of cardio, high-intensity exercise, technical drills and tactical exercises, and strength-building gym exercises.

So if you want Cristiano Ronaldo’s toned body, follow a healthy diet and work out extensively. Just make sure you don’t get a knee injury!

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