Demi Lovato Eating Disorder: Bulimia Nervosa, Depression, Diet Plan, Workout and Recovery

Photo Credit: Splash News
Demi Lovato

Photo Credit: Splash News

Most fans know all about Demi Lovato’s eating disorder and her struggle with bulimia nervosa and bipolar disorder. And although the international pop star is on top of the world now, she took a hard road to get there.

It might be hard to imagine that the slender pop sensation experienced body issues that drove her to binge and purge (bulimia nervosa) and fall into depression, but these issues can affect anybody, so dealing with them is very important.

To help her get back on track—and ultimately see the strength and beauty in herself—she went to rehab and received professional assistance. She was able to build a healthy relationship with food that has, for the most part, remained intact since 2011. There was a near slip-up recently, but she was quick to catch it and get back on track.

Demi Lovato’s Diet Plan: A Healthy Relationship with Food

Demi Lovato’s diet plan might not be like most celebrity diets because hers serves a further purpose than losing weight. Instead, the main goal is to eat nutritious foods she enjoys and leave her feeling guilt-free. Because of this, it’s more like a Demi Lovato rehab diet to make sure she’s comfortable with herself and what she eats. This probably means there are little restrictions when it comes to calorie intakes and what, exactly, she eats. But you can be rest assured her rehab – and her job—encourage healthy eating habits.

It’s hard to know what foods make up Demi Lovato’s diet plan and the precise foods she eats every day, but it’s likely there is a good mix of healthy, complex carbs to fuel her energetic performances every night, and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, too. She probably eats lean proteins to help her stay full and keep her metabolism high.

Demi Lovato’s Workout Plan

Demi Lovato’s workout plan is unique in the sense that it’s her job to be on stage every night, running around and keeping the crowd entertained. This requires a lot of energy, and because of this she counts her concerts as a workout and doesn’t perform a designated time to train on those days. On off-days she like to split her workouts into two, opting for a morning workout then one at night. She’s said exercise has helped her so much with her depression and made her feel really good, energized and happy. It’s been a major part of her recovery.

Her workouts consist of cardio—she loves the SoulCycle so much she brings one on tour with her—and weights. And to help her with her body image, her trainer has her perform her exercises like squats, shoulder presses and curls in front of a mirror.

Staying Strong

Demi Lovato’s book, “Staying Strong,” was written to help those struggling with their own body issues, depression, bipolar disorder and struggles in life. In it, she talks about how she overcame her challenges and how she is now able to live a satisfied life and be happy with herself. She offers tips and relatable advice to anyone going through similar turmoil.

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