Derek Hough’s Sister Julianne Hough Maintains Fit Bikini Body with Cardio Dance Workouts, Yoga, and Diet

Photo Credit: Christopher Peterson/Splash News
Julianne Hough

Photo Credit: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars—whose brother Derek Hough is a pro dancer on the reality TV competition—has one of the best bodies in the business.

So what’s her secret? Her diet is clean: she eats plenty of fruits and veggies, keeps carbs to a minimum, indulges in high-protein foods, and even enjoys some alcohol and sugar on occasion.

As a professional dancer, and as someone who has been training since she was young and dancing competitively since age nine, the Julianne Hough dance workout is what helps keep her in incredible shape. Dancing is a fantastic way to keep legs strong and toned, abs firm, and improve cardio.

A Julianne Hough Instagram video recently showcased the dancer emerging from a pool in a bikini, showing off her toned abs and tiny frame. She looks skinnier than in previous years because, according to reports, she lost 20 pounds in 2012 and has kept the weight off by following a portion-controlled diet and engaging in yoga, dancing, and cardio exercises.

Julianne Hough’s Workout to Stay Fit

How does Julianne Hough stay in shape?

The Julianne Hough workout routine must be performed regularly because the former Dancing with the Stars judge and pro dancer says her metabolism has slowed with age, and that she gains weight when she doesn’t persist with her diet and exercise regimen.

This fact is true for the majority of us—committing to regular exercise and a consistently mindful diet is how weight is kept off and maintained.

Hough admits to hating the gym and would much prefer to do a dance workout, which probably burns far more calories anyway in the same amount of time she would spend at the gym on, say, a treadmill. Whenever Hough does have to hit the gym, she uses the treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical trainer.

Five days a week, Hough works out by doing a combination of cardio exercises and body-sculpting exercises with free weights.

The Julianne Hough weight loss and weight-maintenance success comes from hard work and dedication to a regular workout schedule that is varied. She runs most days for 45 minutes and also does crunches, lunges, and arm moves every day, because dancing doesn’t typically target those areas of the body very well.

The Julianne Hough fitness routine remains consistent because she is a self-professed fitness fanatic, so working out for her is fun and not a hassle at all. For Julianne Hough dancing will always be her first love, but it won’t get every part of her body strong and in shape, so that’s why she does other exercises, including those that target her biceps.

On her web site, she has a fitness section where she posts a variety of exercise advice. In April, she made a post about how to develop stronger and shapelier biceps by using a resistance band and two simple moves her trainer showed her.

Hough is engaged to hockey player Brooks Laich, so keeping her bikini body is likely important for her as she’ll want to look great on the big day, but the two have yet to set a date for their wedding.

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